Tech N9ne – “MORE FEAR” (EP Review)

This is the 7th EP from the ever-hardworking Kansas City veteran Tech N9ne. He’s fresh off his 22nd full-length ENTERFEAR that just dropped back in April & it turns out so much material was recorded for that particular album, that N9na has seen fit to release some of those cuts in the first of 2 EPs.

After the “Heist” skit, the first song “ENTERFEARENCE” talks about feeling disoriented over a groggy beat from Seven whereas the track right after “Bitch Slap” with Corey Taylor, GreatDaeg & Hopsin sees the 4 talking about hitting anyone who tries to harm their personal spaces over a trap metal beat. After the “Report” skit, the song “I Don’t Give a Pho” talks about not caring for bullshit over an eerie trap beat while the penultimate track “Inside” talks about giving himself a pick-me-up over an unexpected boom bap instrumental that works pretty fantastically. The EP finishes with “Specter”, where Tech talks about being a ghost over a melancholic beat from N4.

Personally, I think I might enjoy this EP a bit more than the actual album itself. As dark as ENTERFEAR was, most of these cuts should’ve made it onto that album because they would play into it much more solidly than some of the weaker cuts on there. Can’t wait for FEAR EXODUS at the end of the year.

Score: 8/10

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