Tek Bully – “Legend Has It” (Album Review)

Tek Bully just dropped his five track EP “Legend Has It”. This cross genre album produced by iTrak blends many styles together but still gives us that hard hitting New York sound. It echoes the toughness of New York’s crowd and boasts of Tek Bully’s privileges after rising to fame. He takes common objects and turns them into stories which can be seen on the third track “Red Bronco”.

This album gives us a brief taste of what Tek Bully can do. His second track “Legend Energy” is everything we love about New York hiphop. We hear a wailing electric guitar and a straightforward MC. Even his album cover shows the struggle of gods and goddesses struggling for power on their ascent to the throne of ultimate hip-hop God. Tek Bully plans to go out as a legend.

Then we move to track five “Tax Free” where he takes jazz and samples The Wolf of Wall Street and glamorizes life as a rich man. He talks about how his name is one that is recognized throughout the streets and he lives as if money wasn’t an object. He’s grateful however, for maintaining a family unit. He admonishes against the way other artists conduct their business. He mocks the feeble artist who cannot walk the walk. We hope to hear more from him soon, this EP is crisp and deserves to stay in rotation.

Score: 7/10

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