Tha God Fahim Surprise-Drops a Worthy Conclusion to the ”Shot Clock King” Trilogy (EP Review)

Tha God Fahim is a 25 year old MC/producer from Atlanta, Georgia notable for his affiliation with Griselda Records as well as being 1/3 of the Dump Gawds alongside Mach-Hommy & Your Old Droog. We also can’t ignore the massive discography that he’s managed to build for himself, some of the standouts include Breaking Through tha Van Allen Belts & Dump Assassins. He just dropped his 19th album Dump Gawd: 6 Ring Champ last month & now, he’s re-enlisting Nicholas Craven to close out the Dump Gawd: Shot Clock King trilogy.

“Mr. Microphone Menace” kicks off the EP with some astounding guitar riffs declaring himself as such whereas “World Upside Down” goes into soulful territory talking about those who tried to make his life hell on earth. “Non Stop” has more jazzier flare to it saying he’s back cooking again, but then “Will’z Hand” works in some synths talking about fucking with the wrong one.

The song “Love n Hate 2” is a stellar sequel to a 6 Ring Champ highlight from the “it’s just possible” vocal sample to the lyrics expanding on the predecessor’s concept of how people act towards him while the penultimate track “Flex Brolic” follows it up with a passionate ode to those still striving. “From the Ground Up” ends the EP by victoriously bragging about his success.

Despite being an EP, I happen to like this a tad bit more than 6 Ring Champ because I find it to be a worthy conclusion to Shot Clock King trilogy. Nicholas Craven continues to expand on the sounds that be brought to the table on the predecessors & Fahim lyrically is coming for throats for a good portion of it.

Score: 9/10

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