The Alchemist Shows His MCing Skills More on “Flying High 2” (EP Review)

Beverly Hills producer, DJ & rapper The Alchemist coming off his born day over a week ago by dropping his 11th EP & a sequel to the last one Flying High. Beginning as 1/2 of the duo The Whooliganz in 1993 with Scott Caan, they would only disband a year later after recording a debut album that eventually got shelved & Scott went onto acting like his father. Mudfoot on other end quickly established himself as one of the greatest producers in hip hop history with a resume including ranging names from Mobb Deep to even Eminem. But after producing Faith is a Rock for MIKE & Wiki alongside the best album of 2023 Voir Dire by Earl Sweatshirt, it should be known that Uncle Al’s still Flying High.

“Turkish Link” is a full-fledged solo cut to start the EP with Alchemist himself over a jazzy instrumental boasting lyrically whereas “Phil Drummond” featuring Conway the Machine finds the 2 on top of a a murky boom bap beat talking about their current statuses. “Vertigo” featuring Action Bronson takes a groovier approach musically looking to dismantle shot while “Royal Hand” happens to be the grimy, long-awaited reunion of Gangrene after 8 years & they both sound like they never even took a hiatus to begin with. The closer “Paint Different” featuring Curren$y finishes things with 1 last jazz rap cut belittling their competition.

Unlike the last Flying High, we have one of my top 10 producers showcasing his skills on the mic more often in comparison which shouldn’t surprise people since he started out with the late James Caan’s son as a duo of MCs, but a lot of performances on his his producer work are left to the guests & he gels well with them over his own production rooted in his signature hardcore albeit jazzy boom bap sound. Heard he & Hit-Boy are doing an album à la Champion Sound by Jaylib, which is VERY interesting considering “Slipping Into Darkness”.

Score: 8/10

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