The Super Famous Fun Time Guys Release Long Live Evil Sophomore LP “I’ll Tell You When I Want to Laugh By Laughing” (Album Review)

Ohio self-deprecating horrorcore duo Mr. 8 Legz & Whipstick professionally known as the Super Famous Fun Time Guys have returned with their 4th full-length LP & their 2nd under Long Live Evil. Emerging in 2018 off their debut album Our Album, they would follow it up with the Super Dudes Crooning the Tunes EP that same fall freestyling over songs like Yasiin Bey’s “Mathemathics” or even Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. Following their sophomore effort How Do You Fit a Cassette in a Discography? & their solo debut EPs, they became the very 1st act to sign to LLE & their 3rd album Don’t Hug Me from the Front quickly won a lot of people (including myself) over with how well it mixed horrorcore with comedy. They continued to further establish themselves in the underground by putting out a Christmas EP Holiday EP: Advent & the critically acclaimed Lost Lake Estates collaborative effort with their mentors Alla Xul Elu, they’re beginning the 2nd half of January 2024 by simply saying I’ll Tell You When I Want to Laugh By Laughing.

After the “I’m Intro Bro” intro, the first song “Laugh Now Maybe” is a spacious boom bap opener essentially serving as the title track to the album whereas “More Things Same” works in some woodwinds reminding that they’re here to piss you off 1 pussy at a time. “We”R”Us” sets out to ruin your day because it’s simply what they are over an plucky, eerie loop attached to these kicks & snares just before “FanDUHlism” gives off an EDM vibe instrumentally responding to those telling them to grow up.

“Thirst Trap” gives off a bit of a synth-funk flare to the beat Uno card reversing bitches wanting to break their hearts leading into “Cumulonimbus Cerebrum” talking about how no one’s safe when they open the clouds they keep their heads over a west coast instrumental. “We’re Waaaack” featuring Klokwork E shifts into dustier territory giving us a look at 4 guys who don’t know how to act right, but then “Hatemail” featuring McNastee assures the listener that everything will be ok over some piano chords.

The 2nd & final single “Charity Case” admits to getting drunk & fall asleep so they can leave the hate they’re bottling behind over some guitars while the lead single “Quirky Pop Punk Song (Existential Dread)” featuring Stray has some incredibly tight production from Billy Martin in the titular vein feeling like time is starting to wear thin. “My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends” featuring Alla Xul Elu as well as Long Live Evil’s newest recording artist S.O.N. brings the sextet together for a boom bap-infused LLE posse cut while “1 Botched Brooks Finisher” dabbles with trap delving into their villain arcs.

After the “I’m Outro Tho” skit, “Sote2nelF” serves as the first of 2 bonus tracks to end I’ll Tell You When I Want to Laugh by Laughing by making peace with the dark over a drearier beat & the other bonus cut “Idk Might Cry Later” ties up the greatest tag team to never set foot in the ring’s sophomore effort with Long Live Evil talking about falling into darker places masking their pain on top of some solemn acoustics.

Since first being announced at the 2nd annual Camp Xul, I was hoping that Billy Obey was gonna fully produce it because I feel like hearing Legz & Whip over his production start to finish would make for something really special one day. However, they haven’t let me down in the 3 years that I’ve been a fan of theirs & we still got a solid LP regardless. The overall sound is a melting pot of different & interesting ideas as the chemistry amongst both MCs remains humorously animated.

Score: 8/10

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