Alla Xul Elu & the Super Famous Fun Time Guys Welcome All to the “Lost Lake Estates” (Album Review)

This is a brand new collaborative LP between Ohio horrorcore groups Alla Xul Elu & the Super Famous Fun Time Guys. One of them is a trio consisting of Billy Obey as well as Joe Black & Lee Carver with the other being a duo composed of Mr. 8 Legz & Whipstick, but have been taking over the wicked shit scene for the past 5 years after their chemistry has been reminiscent of the Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid before both parties fell out with one another. But after signing to S.O.N. to Long Live Evil over the summer, Xul & the Fun Time Gang are taking us through Lost Lake Estates.

After the “Inmates Run The…” intro, the first song “Rhyme Asylum” is a ghoulish boom bap opener talking about having the speakers at full blast in the padded rooms encouraging to kick it with Satan himself whereas works in a cavernous loop admitting that no amount of medicine can medicate them whatsoever. “Anthem” keeps it rolling with a grimy dedication to LLE itself leading into “Kill ‘Em with Kindness” keeps it dusty talking about what you gotta do if you’re gonna end up killing them.

“Midian” weaves more kicks & snares into the fold leaving them dead inside just before “No Body” is a somber boom bap ballad about all 5 of these guys being nobodies. “Pour Another” moves forward by whipping up a fun tune dedicated to all the drinkers out there, but then “King of Quit” ends the first half of the album with pianos as well as kicks & snares talking about being pieces of shit.

Meanwhile to start the 2nd leg, “FUNeral” makes it clear that the quintet puts thе “fun” in funeral over a jazzy boom bap beat reminiscent to that of the 90s while the psychedelic “Song of the Dead” lives up to it’s name with it’s morbid subject matter. “Why You Mad?” instrumentally reminds me of RZA’s basement-like production style 3 decades ago asking why people be salty towards them while the dreary “Hang in There” talks about there being nothing left to say.

After the “REC Room” skit, the song “SciCo Screwjob” cautions that shit’s gonna get bloody real quick with LLE in the building mixing industrial hip hop & boom bap while “Underground” hooks up some kicks, snares & keys using the the term for music outside the general commercial canon as a metaphor of becoming one with the Earth. The 8-minute title track rounds it all out with a boom bap beat with blaring horns taking y’all with them on a trip to the titular location.

It was only a matter of time until these dudes came together with their own Dark Lotus-style collaborative effort because the way everyone pings off one another is certainly reminiscent to that of the 5 petals ICP & Triple Threat. The production is primarily based in the traditional boom bap sound with some industrial/jazz rap undertones with everyone skillfully spitting the wicked shit.

Score: 9/10

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