Alla Xul Elu Welcome All Aboard “The Magic Xul Bus” (EP Review)

This is the 3rd EP from Ohio horrorcore trio Alla Xul Elu. Consisting of Billy Obey as well as Joey Black & Lee Carver, they broke out in 2015 as a duo by releasing their first 2 albums Head of Horns & Sci-Co that same year. This was followed up with their 4/20-themed debut EP Necronomichron in 2017 & adding Carver into the fold shortly after, but it wasn’t until Twiztid signed them to Majik Ninja Entertainment in 2018 when the Xul Boys’ music got increasingly better. Their MNE debut The Almighty is unquestionably the greatest horrorcore album of the 2010s, their 2019 sophomore EP Church of Xul took a much darker approach, Mauxuleum made it in the top 10 of my Best Releases of 2020 list despite them ditching their signature boom bap sound for a more industrial, trap metal direction & Necronomichron 2: Dead by Bong was a superior sequel to their 4/20 EP. Ahead of Camp Xul 4 weekend however, they’re getting the party started opening the doors to The Magic Xul Bus.

The title track is a grimy boom bap opener to start the EP with all 3 members trading the mic back-&-forth with one another taking the Xuligans on a journey on The Magic Xul Bus itself whereas “Smoke Stop” works in more kicks & snares on top of an ominous loop so they can talk about getting stoned. “Fucked Up” goes for an electronic trap direction instrumentally admitting they’ve been getting too wild at the party that is until “Buried Alive” ends the EP with pianos, kicks & snares getting on the wicked shit.

It’s been rumored for a while now that the upcoming Xul album Gods of Evil Rise produced by Mike E. Clark will be the trio’s final MNE release & hopefully we get an official update on it from A.X.E. themselves during their event at the very end of the week but either way, The Magic Xul Bus is sure to satisfy the Xuligans who’ve been waiting a tad over 3 years to put out new material excluding the Lost Lake Estates collab effort with their protégés the Super Famous Fun Time Guys about 9 months ago. In only 12 minutes, they return to their horrorcore/boom bap stylings occasionally expanding their sound beyond trap.

Score: 8/10

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