”The Thinnest Line III” is the Best Installment of ¡MAYDAY!’s Trilogy Since the Original (EP Review)

Miami trio ¡MAYDAY! preluding their upcoming 9th full-length LP albeit the first under their very own label ¡MAYDAY! Music distributed by It Goes Up Entertainment & Strange Music with their 5th EP & the 3rd installment of The Thinnest Line trilogy. Formed in 2003 by keyboardist/guitarist Plex Luthor & emcee Bernz, the duo released their self-titled debut in the fall of ‘06 before adding 4 more members into the fold: emcee/producer Wrekonize, bassist Gianni Ca$h, percussionist NonMS & drummer L.T. Hopkins in 2009. Together, they would begin to rock the underground off 2 EPs & their sophomore album Stuck on an Island. This would catch the attention of Kansas City veteran Tech N9ne, who signed the group to his independent powerhouse Strange Music in 2011. They would go on to cement themselves as a flagship act on the label’s roster off critically acclaimed projects like Take Me to Your LeaderThrift Store HalosBelievers & Future Vintage. However since 2016, ¡MAYDAY! has maintained it’s current lineup consisting of Wrek, Bernz & NonMS. Their first album as a trio Search Party was a decent sequel to Stuck on an Island & the heavily reggae-influenced South of 5th was slightly better, but Minute to Midnight wound up to easily be ¡MAYDAY!’s best in 6 years. They have since remained tied to Strange by forming ¡MAYDAY! Music & signing a distribution deal with Strange Music co-founder Travis O’Guin’s own subsidiary It Goes Up Entertainment. Now as far of The Thinnest Line series, the independently released first installment is my favorite & the follow-up backed by Strange was just decent. However since Minute to Midnight was a return to form, the latest entry had to be better in my mind.

After the “End” intro, the first song “Hate to Love You” is an incredibly catchy pop rap opener to The Thinnest Line III cooked up by NonMS coming to terms how hard it is to admit that they’re in love with these individual partners whereas “Warning Signs” takes the acoustic route thanks to MIKE SUMMERS a.k.a. Seven talking about having fun pretending what they had was permanent. “Pull Up” has a groovy self-produced instrumental as ¡MAYDAY! & Mike SB refuse to stop until they’re in the car with the windows down as Mike delivers the weakest feature of the 2 respectfully although that’s not to say the potential is there, but then the futuristically funky “Last Night” picks things back up asking what you doin’ out here tonight. “At Least We Tried” shifts into summery turf refusing to say goodbye & “Hit My Line” featuring Trizz concludes The Thinnest Line III with an atmospheric trap flare advising to give ‘em a call.

This recent installment of the Miami trio’s trilogy has to be the best since the first one & it’s more than enough to hold fans off until their ¡MAYDAY! Music debut album because much like Minute to Midnight, what we have on The Thinnest Line III is another example of their recent output continuing to improve. The production’s more consistent than The Thinnest Line II’s was primarily due to letting one of their best collaborators handle 4 of the 7 tracks leaving the other 3 being in-house mixed in with versatile performances from ¡MAYDAY! themselves & 50/50 features.

Score: 8/10

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