Travis M. – “The Misunderstood” (Mixtape)


“The MisUnderstood”

Travis M. is a 21 year old budding Hip Hop artist from Houston, Tx who draws inspiration from his own life experiences and the lessons that they taught him. Travis’ music is influenced by some of the most respected lyricist in Rap such as Common, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco. Travis M. believes that “everything was created for a purpose, so why would I create my music without one”. He has often been described as an inspirational rapper, but he would argue that he simply writes what he “feels” and tries to “generate that same feeling through each song”. Travis’ passion driven music tends to cross generational boundaries, as he shares his experiences knowing he is not the only one to have gone through similar trials. Travis believes that if he touches one soul then his music has done its job.

On Travis M.’s most recent project released October 15, 2014 entitled “The MisUnderstood” he does a great job at exhibiting versatility, skill, storytelling, and even wordplay that he subtly displays in the title. Travis M. shares with us his inner thoughts while keeping us entertained with his sounds and even impacting us with his substance.

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