V.E.G.A – “Freedom” (Album Review)

Miami Native V.E.G.A drops a new album in to the circuit called “Freedom“, The title was so fitting for the time as it was a much awaited listen for me. The cover shows the New York Born artist on the cover in strait jacket with a savage psychotic look on his face. As I dive into this project it starts with you killing me a complete vibe with a wavy savage overtone. I like the songwriting structure and emotion and energy within his delivery it makes everything believable. The production behind the record was dope I can hear the southern influnce right off back, The slick rhythmic wordplay worked cohesively.

“Middle Fingers” is the next cut on the album as it was one of those fuck the world songs with a high energy production sonically. The bars in this song was hard hitting I can see this as a solid radio record, Freedom the intro was the start of a melodic single titled the same. So far my favorite song on the album including arrangement and production. Vega came with it on this song as the emotional and believe factor is back I can see this with a magical visual. Fitting for the times as it articulates the needs for real freedom in a country of the free.

“Cheese” is one of those records you can’t help but bounce to, Vega constantly changed his style on this record as it pulls you in every couple of bars. This is a showcase of his songwriting ability as it all cohesive runs in together. The symbolic meaning for this song is the hustle, this is the will of man if he has no hustle he won’t eat, and that’s the mind state of Vega throughout the tape. “Dominant” was smooth underlying composition with a Melo transparent vibe. The hook was compelling and easy to remember which is major in playback traction.

“Chain On Drip” is a fun loving song no serious moods just living in the moment. What I like about this album is the balance between substance and club songs and rhythmic word play. “On Paper” is a double meaning  conceptual song as it lives in multiple different ways. The album will thrive in audiences like future, Tyga and or Dom Kennedy. “We Came Up” was acknowledgment song to the village who made it all possible for success. This cut had island elements and new age auto tune tweaks adding a sonic vibe unmatched. It sounds like a lead single that can help carry the album furthur

V.E.G.A alcoholic reminds me of the thoughts of a introspective drunk, the melodic chorus was like the cherry on top it truly should all elements to this tape showing how dynamic of an artist he is. I enjoyed this album from beginning to end as it showed a whole perception of freedom and the production and substance was in and out but none the less there. For more music and visuals follow V.E.G.A on social media @vegamusic305 and Spotify for immediate updates.

Rate 8/10

Highlights: Originality and Song writing

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