Voice Of G – “A.M.” (EP Review)

Miami’s sound is all about the flare, bravado and braggadocios appeal. Today, we get the latest promising talent from the South Beach in Voice of G. Unveiling his introductory EP, A.M., an impressionable new effort that is set to present the new artist as the next big thing coming out of the land of the Heat.

The five-track EP is a quick and digestible body of work that tells the fast life that goes down everyday in Miami. Featuring appearances by G’s known associates Exxcal and D.Tech. Focusing on perception and perspective, A.M. leaves the glamour that Miami offers to reveal another side that focus on other ways to have fun around the city when you don’t have access pass the velvet rope and bottle service.

Stream “A.M” now on Soundcloud.

Voice of G speaks from a valid bred of southern artists but his deliver comes off as typical. His message is heavily hyped with infectious ab-libs to distract from common wordplay. A drawback that isn’t negative or unimpressive; however, it fails to develop a bond with fans, it simply shocks instantly and fades away by the end of the track. A fast food mentality occurs throughout the drive-thru quick collection.

The EP’s production is trendy. Bouncy party bass, playing it safe elements, and cheesy vibes. The project doesn’t follow a particular flow but dips and dives in popular genres that consumers are addicted to today. While it does check every box of hit factors, the production fails to speak volumes as it focus on being everything we want in today’s music.

G’s voice is nothing you haven’t heard before. Characteristics are similar, familiar catchphrases, and well-known concepts, the EP is amusing but fails to capture originality. As an up-and-coming artist, originality is everything, no one wants to be type cast or a phrase but they undoubtedly fall into those categories trying to please today’s consumer. The influence creates microwavable moments of generic keywords to stay in the trend.

The project makes for a fresh intro but Voice of G will definitely need a quick follow up to maintain popularity.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Energy

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