Watzreal – “Itz All Love” (Album Review)

All I got to say is “WOW”…. Possibly one of the most well-rounded MC’s in the underground Hip Hop game for the year of 2019!  Break out San Francisco, CA-based underground Hip Hop artist Watzreal truly makes history as he releases his 3rd album titled “Itz All Love”!  This 9-Track project is a perfect balance of dope Hip Hop, with a twist or romance and the realities of relationship issues, whether it’s good or bad, there’s no way you can’t relate with this dude right here!  Unless your a self-described hopeless romantic who hates life, then clearly this album will depress you…LOL.  Watzreal embraces that authentic Bay-Area sound in his Hip Hop that I’m really familiar with, yet his sound is extremely refreshing and original!  Being a huge fan of Mac Dre and Equipto myself, I immediately thought of these emcees when I was listening to this project!

I love the simplicity in his lyrics, full of substance with a solid story-telling delivery, he makes it sound so effortless, so let’s dive right into this album and break down his most vulnerable work to date!  The intro to this album jumps right into the story of “Lucy Liu & Keanu Reeves”, being curious about the correlation, I researched on google and not sure if their a couple or not, regardless it’s a pretty cool love song!  Track 2 “Better” has to be one of his standout songs, hitting me with that dope chorus/melody, along with giving me some solid pointers on how to treat my future special someone!  As the album continues with “Go!”, the high energy track that gives an expansive feel along with the banging production. The concept of the song is showing how good music puts the psyche in trance hints the term “go”.  This is a certified club banger to get the party engaged, I can envision this cut in the club causing a very dynamic setting.

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So far this album is really coming off as an instant Bay Area Hip Hop classic!  The magic continues with “Life Iz Love, Love Iz War” & “New Addition”, either of these tracks can be considered the anthem to this project!  By this point, I really envy Watzreal’s romance game, dude probably pulls in more girls than any other bay area rapper!  As usual, I pay heavy attention to the production brought to you by Curtiss King, Tope, 80Seven, Tone Jonez and JD Beatz!  The beats on this album are all dope, well mixed and really sets the perfect mood throughout the album!  From beginning to end, Watzreal pretty much delivers a full bible on true romance and love in relationships, at the same time dropping what he considers some of his best work yet!

When was the last time we came across an album like this?  It’s rare, to say the least, especially coming out of the bay area, when the majority of rappers are pushing the complete opposite in subject matter.  I have already recommended a few of my friends to check out the album.  Its well put together and worth listening to, music lovers will eat this up and become instant fans.  Looking forward to what more he has to deliver in 2019!

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Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Flow, Lyricism, Romance

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