XP the Marxman – “Make the Devil Pray” (Album Review)

XP the Marxman is an MC from Los Angeles, California who came up as 1/3 of the trio Rhyme Addicts. As far as his solo career goes, the dude has a few projects under his belt already (most notably the Roc Marciano-produced Keep Firing EP that came out just this past spring). This was followed up 3 months later with Sincere Leader 2 but to cap it off, we’re being treated to another full-length effort before the year is out.

The opener “Double Bubble” talks about hustling’ over a psychedelic instrumental whereas the next song “Wave ‘Til the Grave” talks about switching his lifestyle because he needed much more over a soulful beat. After the titular skit, the track “Losses” talks about how he ain’t taking any over a laidback instrumental while the song “Zooted Shooters” talks defeating the king so he could wear the crown over a boom bap beat with some vocal harmonizing in the background.

“The Conduit” talks about those faking over a cinematic instrumental while the track “True Lies” with MALCOLMSEF sees the 2 trading back & forth with each other nonchalantly over a weepy beat. The song “Suenos” talks about living in a dream over a glistening boom bap instrumental while the penultimate track “Mi Clasa” talks about those who aren’t even on the same level as him over an unhinged beat. The closer “Still Laughin’” then gets on his gangsta shit over a drumless, symphonic instrumental from Roc Marciano.

Overall, this is a good follow-up to Sincere Leader 2. XP continues to reveal himself as one of the most hard working & consistent dudes in the west coast currently as his lyricism remains unmatched & the production choices are well picked out.

Score: 7/10

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