Planet Asia Redefining His Legacy With New Album “No Retirement”, Prod. By Local Astronauts

In the realm of underground hip hop, a persistent stigma once haunted the community: the notion that artists inevitably grow old and lose relevance. Yet, today’s industry paints a different picture, with top-tier artists thriving well beyond their thirties. Despite media narratives, age no longer defines success in this genre. Enter Planet Asia, a shining example of an artist consistently reinventing himself with each project.

Hailing from Fresno, California, the legendary MC Planet Asia continues to cement his legacy with his latest offering, “No Retirement.” This collaborative album spans 13 tracks, entirely produced by the esteemed LA super-producer group, Local Astronauts. “No Retirement” serves as a testament to how iconic MCs maintain relevance in contemporary hip-hop.

The album opens with poignant words from the late Nipsey Hussle, emphasizing the significance of independence, setting the tone for Asia’s lyrical prowess. Tracks like “Incognito” and “Deadly Dialogue” showcase his unwavering command of the mic, delivering hard-hitting verses that resonate with listeners.

Standout moments include “Cigar Lounge” featuring Washeyi Choir, “Cognac,” and “Easy On The Pedal” featuring Jay Worthy, where Planet Asia seamlessly navigates smoother, sample-heavy beats, showcasing his evolution in sound. Additionally, tracks like “Watch Out” and “Already Know” demonstrate PA’s ability to keep captivating audiences and cater to his cult fan base.

“No Retirement” is a meticulously crafted body of work that transcends generational boundaries, appealing to both traditional hip hop purists and enthusiasts of the genre’s contemporary wave earning a rating of 9/10. It serves as a reminder of the resilience of hip hop over its 50-year history, with artists like Planet Asia leading the charge into a promising future.

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