Visionaries Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of Debut Album With 1st Annual “Galleries Music Festival”

For the 25th anniversary of their debut album, after travelling the world playing shows and music festivals for decades, Visionaries are throwing their own 1st official music festival. Curated by the group members, DJ Rhettmatic, 2Mex, Key-Kool, Dannu, LMNO & Zen Relzm, the Visionaries selected artists that had personal connection or meaning to them, to perform at the inaugural “Galleries Music Festival” in Orange County taking place on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 at the Garden Amp in Garden Grove, CA. Visit TicketWeb exclusively for tickets.

Also performing:

Evidence, a member of Dilated Peoples, is a friend of the group and produced 2 songs on the “Galleries” album, “Audible Angels,” and “Bottom of the Barrel.” As you may know, 2Mex’s shout out to Dilated Peoples at the end of the Audible Angels record was used to scratch on the classic “Work the Angles.”

Cypress Junkies are DJ Rhettmatic,(Visionaries / Beat Junkies) and Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill). The 2 members formed a bond after being a part of the Soul Assassins Radio Show together. Their song collaboration “Bobo meets Rhettmatic.” eventually lead to performances and the formation of the Cypress Junkies. They have taken their explosive battle style DJ / Percussionist performance around the world and will rock the stage together at the Galleries Fest.

Psycho Les of the Beatnuts has produced some of the most iconic songs of Golden Era hip-hop. Visionaries have rocked the stage together with the Beatnuts through the years, including Moby’s Area One festival in 2001, and are honored to have a hip-hop legend rock the festival.

Self Scientific members Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil have worked together on various projects with the Visionaries, coming up together at Bigga B’s legendary Unity shows in Los Angeles. DJ Khalil produced the Visionaries “Together or Separate Remix,” and “All We Need” from the “We are the Ones” album. While Chace has been responsible for the success of some big names in the music industry, and DJ Khalil has produced artists such as Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, it’s their work as Self Scientific that the Visionaries not only wanted to showcase at the festival, but are fans of their peers magnificent work as well.

Eli-Mac has become one of the biggest names in Island Reggae music. Hailing from Maui, HI, Eli-Mac was discovered on American Idol known as Camile Velasco. Little did people know Eli was a hip-hop head, often compared to Lauren Hill, she grew up on the likes of Hieroglyphics and of course, yes, the Visionaries. After disassociating herself from major labels and the American Idol stigma, Eli linked with Up Above Records (Visionaries former label), and eventually took charge of her own career as an Island Reggae musician. The Visionaries regard Eli as a “lil’ sistah,” and are proud to have her talents and amazing voice grace the stage at the GalleriesFest.

Rounding out the lineup are the multi-talented Ceschi Ramos, the Chicharones (Sleep & Josh Martinez), Lisa Vazquez, Cornbread of Kaliwild, Philieano, and Kahlee.


DJs DJ Juggy, formerly from LA, grew up on the Visionaries and continues be a staple for hip-hop in Utah, representing the Heavy Hitters DJ Crew, as well as being the DJ for the Utah Jazz.

DJ Mark Luv, former Pharcyde and Dred Scott’s DJ, was highly influential to the Visionaries as they went to hear him rock at LA’s Unity events through the formative LA Underground years. Mark Luv is one of the few people the Visionaries regard as an honorary Visionaries member.

DJ C-Minus connected with the Visionaries in the early 2000s when he and Mr. Choc first came to LA Radio from Bakersfield. As a member of the Fantastic Four Show and the Ruffnexx C-Minus helped shape the LA soundscape on major radio mix-shows for years, giving the entire scene exposure to the SoCal airwaves.

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