Bishop Nehru Steals Video Concept From Los Angeles Underground Artist CThree

Bishop Nehru 1st signee with Nas Mass Appeal drops a visual teaser of his latest album titled “Elevators”. The teaser highlighted a storyline as Bishop Nehru narrates being trapped inside an elevator reaching level 77 entering into an eternal time loop. The exact concept was introduced by Underground Hip Hop artist CThree 3 years prior and featured on Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat Episode 71, where Cthree launched the song for the 1st time.  Nehru is known for flipping popular concepts as his last album was titled “Emperor Nehru’s New Groove” a Disney Pixar copyright.

Hip-Hop was created from the inspiration of Rock & Roll and every artist is valued for elevating the culture but when a musician’s art is plagiarized by an artist on a larger scale, it creates the gap between true art & reflections. CThree points out he was ecstatic to see Bishop Nehru supporting his music on Instagram, Cthree’s label documented their excitement on the labels handle @3rd_eye_tribe_official asking fans to thank Bishop Nehru and comment to see both artists collaborate on Cthree’s upcoming album.

This happens historically within the music industry with some of the biggest hits known to man, as they were stolen intellectual property from the original creators, whether lyrics or concepts. Today’s climate the internet has opened the floodgates for media, fans & artists alike to react and prevent original art form being hijacked. We as a culture have to expose the hard-working artists who are not in the spotlight. Here is all the evidence, you be the judge.

Cthree is set to release his 1st album distributed by ILS-Universal via 3rd Eye Tribe Entertainment with lead singles “Higher Plane”, “Soul Ties” and more TBA. Follow Cthree on his website and stay updated with news & music.

 Cthree Higher Plane on Snoop Dogg Underground Heat 71 (Clip Below)


Bishop Nehru Elevators


New Music by Cthree


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