George Zimmerman To Fight Rapper DMX In Celebrity Boxing Match


It was one thing for rapper Game to fight George Zimmerman’s punkass, since Zimmerman is 5’ 7” and 185 lbs compared to Game’s massive size of 6’ 4” and 205 lbs. I would’ve loved to watch this fight since Zimmerman would’ve had the shit knocked out of him by a guy who has a Trayvon Martin tattoo on his leg. Unfortunately they chose DMX, who’s 43 (13 years older than Zimmerman) and closer to his overall size. This unfortunately means Zimmerman actually has a chance of winning, which would piss me and everyone else off so much I can’t…I can’t even fathom.

I want to call for no one to pay for this pay-per-view event when it happens, since the more successful it is the more money Zimmerman will pocket from this fight he personally thought up and pushed for to extend his infamous and unnecessary limelight in the media.

Although if DMX wins, everyone should torrent it immediately and watch hip-hop fight back. Just make sure they don’t get your money. I don’t want this being something profitable enough that Zimmerman decides to put together another stunt like this in the future.

Sadly this news was reported today on February 5th, which would’ve been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday. We need to have this Zimmerman duchebag fade away from his 15 and a half minutes of fame and be forgotten, but vividly remember that the ‘stand your ground’ law, especially in the terms Florida has it implemented, is wholly unjust and needs to be overturned.

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