Getting Noticed Faster In The Hip-Hop Scene

Getting Noticed Faster In The Hip-Hop Scene


There are so many talented new hip-hop artists emerging that it’s difficult for new names to get any
attention. While it’s true that putting up some free tracks on SoundCloud is a great way to stream
your music for free, for new or up and coming artists, it doesn’t exactly break the bank with the
stream of income it delivers into your pocket.

Here are a few different ways to get more attention on the way to becoming a hip-hop star making

Singles Are Great for Name Association

Dropping a single takes good timing, smart distribution and well-chosen promotion to succeed.
Recording digitally makes it easier than ever for independent hip-hop artists to start from nothing
without even a record label behind them. On the other hand, this creates greater competition for
new artists who want to enter the scene and get noticed.

Producing a track for single release is in many ways the easy part. Getting anyone to pay attention to
it is much harder. Gaining the interest of radio producers is key to getting early radio play. Being able
to reach out to them with a professionally-produced track on a CD makes it instantly available to
listen to in their automobile or the stereo at home when they have a spare moment.

Design & Branding is Key

The design of the CD is all about image, branding and promotion. The artist logo, artwork, design and
even the colors chosen must really “pop.” The CD disc is imprinted with an artist logo, the tray card
behind the CD case insert provides information for the back and spine, while the insert or booklet
delivers the front image and artist details.

The more professional looking the CD case template, the more likely the radio producer will bother
to open up the CD box, pull out the disc and pop it onto the CD tray. Making the right first
impression only comes around once with each new musical prospect, so for best results it’s a good
idea to find a low-cost graphic designer who’s studying for a design degree and needs to beef up
their portfolio.

Develop Excellent Contacts

Contrary to what you may have heard, networking is still an essential skill to advance faster. The
same is true for musicians who need their name to get around in the right circles. Whether that’s the
A&R specialist at the record labels, music producers, venue booking managers, or established hip-
hop artists looking for warm-up performers for their tour dates, being known is what it’s all about.
While the tough, street-wise façade might do well eventually to push sales to the masses, coming off
as aloof or unfriendly to people who could help advance your career is a bad move. There needs to
be some separation between the artist and the manager. For most new hip-hop performers, there’s
no manager in the picture yet, so both roles must be untaken equally well by the artist to succeed.
Becoming a successful hip-hop artist isn’t only about the tracks that they’re dropping and how
they’re the best that they have ever produced. The branding and promotion must resonate with the
people who can help bring the music to a wider audience sooner than can be done without them.

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