LA based Hip Hop Group Smoke’s Crack In Their Latest Music Video

We were stunned when we came across this submission.  These dudes have no shame smoking meth/crack in their latest filming for “Super Meth“. It’s a pretty graphic video, to say the least.  This track is off their latest mixtape “For Promotional Use Only Vol. 2“.  You can really tell that these dudes are high as a kite!  This underground Hip Hop group call themselves The L.A.M.E. (Skinny.Punk.Princely and CAVICALIFORNIA) 2 MC’s out of Los Angeles, CA.

Where not sure what they were thinking but I assume they think its going to work if anything.  At the end of the day we don’t judge anyone for what drugs they do just as long they stay productive and don’t cause any harm to anybody around them.  “SAY NO TO DRUGS”

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