“INDEPENDENT” Episode 1 Ft. Trinidad James, Futuristic, Reverie & Sean Brown (Review)

The Highly anticipated documentary series “Independent” previewed their indie driven show on stage 13, a Warner Brothers distributed production, featuring Trinidad James, Futuristic, Reverie & Sean Brown. The cameras go behind the scenes capturing the roads of very unique artists as they pave their way in the new age entertainment industry. Each walk of life has common ground no matter how extreme the levels are. This will inspire independent artists to take their crafts serious, this is sure to spark a fire all over the world by showing the process they each took to get to this point.

It begins by going behind the scenes of artist Futuristic video shoot as he shows the value of social media engagement & the shadow side of independence, like the album being leaked early and  pressure of 1st week sales. The young artist is poised for the upcoming road as he shows his readiness to embark on a journey never before seen by shooting 14 visuals to 14 songs. The artist even touches on how the industry now has no formula but the musician’s connection with fans and supporters. Futuristic’s latest release in 2016 “As Seen On The Internet” sets the tone for a magical year, for his high energy flow matches his extrovert personality putting him right in the conversation as he is known for his 2015 album release “The Rise” & single “The Greatest” which took the airwaves by storm.

The Highland Park femcee Reverie shows dedication to her music as her segment begins with her brother engineering a late night session in the studio. Her angle was struggle as she explains how her up bringing affected her music and what it took to separate herself from the madness. Concentrating wasn’t always easy but music helped her along the way, she confesses “HIP-HOP saved our lives, I really do believe that from the bottom of my heart” as she elaborates on how the duo moved to Seattle and created the diverse sound ranging from high energy production to mellow reflective music. She’s ready to guide the world inside her realm with no barriers, showing the humble beginnings and what the future has in store.

Trinidad James has been on top of the world as his single “All Gold Everything” skyrocketed on the charts going gold with RIAA certification. Def Jam signee was then dropped by the same label before an album was able to be released. James has since began his Independent journey by releasing new music with his indie label Gold Gang Records. The Trinidadian artist explains the difference between Indie artists & Major artists as he’s seen the fruits of both sides and the importance of having a brand that explains your artistry.  This will prove to be an interesting view point as each artist gives very different perspectives of HIPHOP.

Sean Brown begins his segment right in the creation studio connecting his supporters with the struggles of being independent and the dedication he has to the music industry. Brown’s socially conscious vibe creates insightful and inspiring music. Brown understands the importance of becoming a professional Indie artist and what he has to do obtain generational wealth for his family. The Grammy driven creative stays determined day in and day out to complete his mission. This is for sure a Doc-u Series everyone should watch, it’s inspiring within itself to see young entrepreneurs grow on their journey to stardom.

Rating : 10/10


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