James “Gotti” Floyd and Bakir Floyd, Co-Founders of The Writrz Block, New Music App

First off, congrats on the app you guys created. We see how “Writrz Block” adds value to any artist who uses it. When and where was the platform created?

The idea came about while I was incarcerated having a conversation with my son about the state of music, and how we need to build a platform for inspiring artists to create songs and make money in a competitive form. So once I was free we decided to move forward with the idea and the Writrz Block was created in New Jersey.

What inspired you guys to develop the app?

As a father and son duo, who was the one with the idea? The inspiration behind the App came from being a former artist myself and understanding the entertainment business and the various ways to promote and market yourself. So I decided I would combine all these elements and put them on one platform.

We notice it’s an artist’s first app, are you artists yourselves? Yes, we are both Artists.

With so many apps out there, what separates this from the rest? What voids do you fill that others can’t? This App is very Unique! It gives Artists, Producers, and Entertainers the ability to Market, Promote, and Show their creativity. all while making money in the process!

I’m sure many artists follow through in making hits in less than 3 hours, and some I’m sure struggle. We are wondering what part of the country do most of the hits come from? Now the Writrz Block App and the  Writrz Block Show are 2 separate platforms. The App is a 24hour song challenge where any artist from any genre can challenge each other to see who can make a better song to the same track. The Show on the other hand is a challenge to see if you can create a hit record in 3hour or less! So we essentially dig into the minds of the artists to see how they create!

Have any notable artists, DJs, or producers used the app? Who!

Yes, we have several known artists, Dj’s Producers, and even comedians who have challenges awaiting to be uploaded as soon as we give the green light.

The Writrz Block prides itself in also providing a platform for unknown artists. How important is this for artists to use as many tools necessary that 2020 gives them? (Social Media, Apps, Blogs, etc). This platform is essential to the artist because it shows their fans and followers a glimpse into the many thought processes that go into making music.

Any growth projections and future plans? How many active users does the app currently have, and how much you plan to have in 2-3 years from now.?

The objective is to make Writrz Block the next Universal or Sony. We are the new wave of music! We’re the documentary home to how songs are created. Now when you hear your favorite song on the radio you can see the thought process that went into creating the record.

Planning on rolling out any premium features? Yes, we are! We are currently adding an influencer feature that gives the challengers the ability to add an influencer to the challenge. The influencer job will be to promote the challenges on their social media platforms. And they’ll earn a percentage of the challenge as well.

Lastly, where can artists download the app? Is it free? And where can readers find more info about your company and brand? The App is currently available free on IOS in the App Store. Subscribe to Writrz Block on YouTube and follow us on @writrzblock IG and Facebook. www.writrzblock.com

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