Mass Appeal’s MF DOOM April Fools Day “Rhythm Roulette” Video Tease

MF DOOM and Mass Appeal collaborate in a brand new video, “Rhythm Roulette”. That’s pretty much what everyone thought including us when we saw the title getting circulated on the web. As all of our hearts were beating to the sound of some new DOOM material, pressed play on the video and we quickly came upon some dude on his computer looking at us with a huge laugh in the background hitting us with the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH, realizing one thing, it’s April 1st aka April Fools Day. The video ends with an DOOM imposter walking the streets on NY with a weird looking fan lurking.

Looking at all the comments in the video and the Mass Appeal facebook post, no lie this is the best April Fools joke in Hip Hop in a long time presented by the Villanous DOOM. Shout out to Mass Appeal for this one!

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