The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Music Promotion Campaigns

Technology has made the ability to self-produce and promote music simple. A music promotion campaign will require a campaign to advertise, starting at least 8 weeks before new material is release. When planning a show, let people know at least a month in advance when and where it is happening. If you had trouble getting scheduled and you have a last minute opportunity, have a plan to market that last-minute gig as a gift, or a surprise event for your fans. Most importantly, when a new track is ready for release, first get it ready to go on a digital media platform, and then aggressively let your fans know it is forthcoming through social media promotion. You are building a business, albeit something you love, but it is a business nonetheless and has to be built near-methodically to be successful.

Everything is Timing

When it comes to social media, the strategy is simple: vary content, encourage engagement and connect content across several platforms. Timing is also everything, so know when you are going to get the most eyes on your posts, and strike then. It is easy enough to find out when these times are. Also when it comes to timing your efforts, the best way to let others know you have an upcoming gig is at a concert where you will find people who like your genre of music. Hand out flyers, but definitely keep it simple, with a logo and pertinent information in an easy-to-read format. This should also be done at least a month before your show.


Emailing is still a great way to promote what you are doing, but as with everything else, using it correctly is crucially important. Grow your distribution list by encouraging sign-up at a table where you perform. Beyond this, use an email service, like MailChimp, that can help you market, then email a consistent, well-designed newsletter. Create content that is concise, interesting and has a clear message.

Fun, Discipline and Accountability

If you want the eyes and ears of fans anxiously awaiting your next announcement, build suspense and don’t disappoint. Research what people like about newsletters and unabashedly use it to your benefit. Promote your music in every possible way you can. It has long been said that sales is hysterical activity on your way to the grave, so have some fun selling and promoting your music. Being disciplined about managing yourself is the most important part of any business plan. Hold yourself accountable for efforts made at marketing yourself. Keep a journal of promotional activities completed each day. It is nice to look back on once success is yours.

You Can Do This

Build a fan base, have a timeline, use social media, email a newsletter and be organized. You are building a business. Work hard, be disciplined, have a logo and be consistent in your message. Ray Kroc started “McDonald’s” based on the idea that no matter where Americans may roam in this country, they would get the same taste everywhere. Being consistent, manage expectations and work hard. It is your job to make them aware of your presence and talent. This is a numbers game and if you build it, they will come.

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