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Updated: July 2020

With the growth and success of Instagram come hundreds of new accounts that pop up each day to serve the Hip Hop community.  Many fans find these accounts by searching their favorite hashtags: #HipHop #UndergroundHipHop #RealHipHop #90sHipHop #OldSchoolHipHop. Listed are 25 highly active Hip Hop related accounts we feel cater to music heads consisting of blogs, websites, graffiti, and fan pages.  Don’t forget to follow us at UGHHBLOG.

1: 90sHipHopJunkie

2: WeeklyRapGods


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17 years ago today! Drop some flames for “The Ownerz” 🔥 #RIPGURU

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3: OnThisDateInHipHop

4: HipHopAppreciation

5: HipHopCollector


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Dilated Peoples | Neighborhood Watch #nowspinning #hiphopcollector

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6: SaveTheHipHopCulture

7: ILoveHipHop88

8: HipHopLife

9: RedBullBatallaDeLosGallos

10: Rappin&Snackin


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De La Soul – “Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)” single on vinyl, CD, and cassette. Now THIS is what I call a single with perks. Not only do we have the fantastic “Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)”, but we also get a LA Jay remix and N.O. Joe remix too for that track. In addition to that, we get “Ego Trippin’ (Part Three)”, which is also very dope. Lastly, there is another stellar joint here; “Lovely How I Let My Mind Float” featuring Biz Markie… how did this cut not make the album?? These singles are heat and sometimes provide listeners remix cuts, or songs that never made their studio albums, aside from the typical instrumental or acapella that is usually expected. If you haven’t heard these joints, peep YouTube as they are there. Enjoy. @wearedelasoul @plugwondelasoul @djmaseo #RappinAndSnackin

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11: Pure.HipHop

12: Graffiti_Life

13: Soles_of_Mischief

14: IKnow_MyHipHop

Now Playing: How About Some Hardcore! By: M.O.P.! ******************************

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15: GraffitiKings


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💀😁 @zenzentoys 💣💥💥💥…On another note want to feature on this page tag us @GraffitiKiNGS in a post, story or #GraffitiKiNGS 💥 . 🙏 “Save This Post” 🛑 . 🏏🎾👕 And HELLO to our new followers 😎 We are Graffiti Kings London 🙏 a bunch of deluded professional misfits 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️💁‍♂️ . We’ve been playing on the paved gold streets of Croydon 👀 London since the early 70s & in the 80s we scuffed our hands & knees in the golden era of UK BMXing and Skateboarding 🌈 but it was to easy so we stuck to being Vandals 💀💣💥 not rebels 💐🦋🧸 . London Graffiti was the perfect girlfriend ❤️ We would spend every spare minute of the day painting art on the side of any surface possible. Then we painted it on the side of the London transport system while dodging laser tripwires, razor-sharp fences, Police & the mighty electric 3rd rail 🔥 . Then came the 90s & we were exploring high-rise London tower blocks to set up our pirate radio station🔊 UpFront FM🎤🎧 & broadcasting 📻 our music over London while 1000s of happy people where raving in dark sweaty clubs & muddy fields to REAL DJs🎧 with boxes of 12″ vinyl 🙏 . Now we are here 💣💥 . We collab We create We inspire 🙏 . 🚨OUT NOW 🛑 TO WATCH 🎥 ONLINE 🌍 we have finished filming 16 videos for Facebook, Ladbible and Extreme Official available on our Facebook channel along with our 2.4 million army of followers 🙏 just saying 😁 . #GraffitiSAVEDmeFROMaLIFEofCRIME #graffiti #graff #graffitiart #graffitiartist #art #painting #paint #spraycan #aerosolart #artist #artists #artwork #streetart #streetartist #spray #spraypaint #sprayart #graffiticlothing #streetwear #streetfashion #graffititshirt #graffitihoodie #streetwear #darrencullen #urbanexplorer #EXPLORER #exploring

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16: HipHopLives101

17: JennyLovesHipHop


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If you’re not flipping cuts like DJ Romes Well then you’re not representing with the LP Now if you’re not dropping tracks like Madlib Then you’re not representing with the LP Well if you’re not kicking styles like Wildchild When then you’re not representing with the LP But if you’re not supporting hardcore hip hop Well then you’re not a real hip hop emcee!🎤 ⠀ On June 29 1999, [21 years ago!], Lootpack released “Soundpieces: Da Antidote!” on Stones Throw Records.🔥 ⠀ An underground classic and one of my favorite albums ever. “Soundpieces: Da Antidote!” embodies everything that the Stones Throw record label represents — genuine and authentic alternative Hip-Hop with a proclivity toward eccentricity. ⠀ During a time where mainstream Hip-Hop was taking a more commercial turn, Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes took us back to the basics with this true-school battle rap album. Dissing wack emcees and flexing their skills over head-nodding beats is the overall theme. ⠀ Produced entirely by Madlib. A genius behind the boards, and it’s clear why we call him the “Loop Digga” because he’s known for digging in the crates and flipping obscure samples. ⠀ I love every song on this album, but my favorites are: Hityawitdat, Weeded It, Questions, Long Awaited, Whenimondamic, Answers, Likwit Fusion, The Anthem, 20 Questions, Crate Diggin’ & Wanna Test, what are yours? 👇🏼 #Lootpack #SoundpiecesDaAntidote

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18: HipHopInSession


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#Repost @huskingpin @download.ins — Situations [Prod. Pete Rock] Link In Bio 🙏🏾@realpeterock

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19: LegendsWill_NeverDie

20: HipHopPhotoMuseum

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