Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Says “Lyricism Is Gone” With New Era Rappers

Wu-Tang Clan's GZA Says Lyricism Is Gone With New Era Rappers

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA is known for having one of the largest vocabularies in Hip Hop and he published an open written letter for Medium last year entitled “The Lost Art of Lyricism“, a great piece emphasized the absence of great storytelling in Hip Hop.   One of the all time greats speaks out on today’s lack on relative content in lyrics.

There are some artists out there that think they’re great storytellers, but they’re not. Nowadays there are certain things I don’t hear anymore from rappers: I haven’t heard the word “MC” in so long; I haven’t heard the word “lyrical”. A lot of rappers think they’re hardcore or say they’re from the streets and there’s that thing where they always say, “I live what I rhyme about, I rhyme about what I live.” But you don’t always have to do that. Because for me it’s not about telling the story – it’s about weaving the tale.” – GZA

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  1. Here, here.
    I for one miss hearing the word “black”. As in black community, black business, black economy, etc… There’s a reason why industry execs have basically nixed the usage of the word and it ain’t simply for widespread appeal like they will try to claim.

  2. These wack ass MC’s just put to rhyming words together just to hear themselves talk. And this bs trying to rhyme words with the same words makes no sense either.

    1. What if its the same word with different meanings.

      I use my mind to plant a mine
      These mental bombs are deeper mines
      Explosive grabs to take what’s mines
      I’m real these others pantomime

  3. yubba wubba dubba dubba
    wub wubba yabba dubba
    bubba gugga lubba dubba gugga gugga

    it’s a drum motherfucker, hit me with it or leave it alone

  4. Limited minds, limited lifespan and yes, limited vocabulary. Three-six letter words at the most. An overabundance of four letter words and lots of N-words. Same storyline, same hustle… same results.. The definition of insanity = doing the same thing and expecting different results.