Infamous Crew (Chicago, IL) – Q&A Interview

Infamous Crew
Infamous Crew

-Tell us a little about each other. Where you are guys from? How long have you been making Hip Hop & How did you guys al meet?

Cricket- I’m from the midway area (63rd and Pulaski) and have been playing in punk and metal bands for years now, being a fan of hip-hop all the while. As a group we’ve only been taking this seriously for 3 or 4 months now. Cannons/TWC is my brother and I met Puck through some anarchist friends.

TWC- I grew up on 63rd but moved to Scottsdale (79th and Pulaski) when I was 8. I’ve always wrote songs for friends but never pursued it for myself til about 4 months ago,

Puck- I’m from the Pacific Northwest, grew up mainly around Seattle. I did some stuff when I was younger but never hit it hard until now. I saw Cricket around at shows n parties for a year or two but we didn’t finally hit it off until I started coming over to their house to kick it with one of their roommates. That’s where I met TWC too and things just kinda went from there.

-What influences each of you in making Hip Hop?

Cricket- Lots of shit. Musically…  Non-phixion, Wu-tang, ODB, inspectah deck, project pat, 3-6, Necro, Goretex. Aside from that, just the need to want to be loud and obnoxious on the mic and make people think.

TWC- There are way too many things and people that influence me. Mostly I base my music off the realness and struggle that I live and saw other people such as my family that still go through everyday Chicago life,

Puck- The shapes of words. Earl Sweatshirt. KOOL AD. Assonance. Thickness. Danny Brown. Rage.

-Describe your music, and what separates this group from other Indie Hip Hop groups?

Cricket- At this point in the game it’s hard to describe, especially since our newest member was not on the EP. We all have a completely different sound from one another and different backgrounds. We definitely try to keep it evil and hardcore sounding though. What separates us from other hip hop groups, at least in Chicago, is that we mix radical social commentary with gore shit (comically brutal lyrics w/ references to bizarre events or figures IE; John Bobbit or Andre Chikatilo). Some of us also come from a punk rock background and at least for me, this shows within my writing and delivery.

TWC- Our music is one of a kind it can’t exactly be glorified in one specific genre. Not only do we have some punk flavor in the mix but I add the thug and more of that hood in it because I was in fact a thug in da hood at a point in my life.

Puck- Each of us brings something different to the group stylistically but we’re def all into some brutal, violent shit.

-Who have you guys collaborated with? Who would you guys like to collab with in the near future?

Cricket- No one yet. Maybe Ice JJ fish? 🙂

TWC- I personally would like to collab with anyone in ASAP, lil herb, or Spenzo

Puck- Oh god I’d wanna work with Hot Sugar.

-Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Cricket- Not bowing down to some suit and tie mother fuckers. Doing this shit independently for the most part. Staying angry and anti-social.

TWC- Agreed, just saying and doin whatever the fuck I want

-Production wise, who are your influences? Who does your production?  And who would you guys like to work with?

Cricket- It will show through on our upcoming album a lot more, but I really like Necros production.Them beats are just evil.  I’d love to be able to collab with anyone from the non-phixion/circle of tyrants crew once we build our name up more.

-Any current or future projects the group is promoting?

Cricket- We are working on a full length album that will be far better all around. I think it will be far more sound defining for us. More boom bap style drums, better tones, better recording quality…just better. More full.

-Can you guys give us a brief description of the creative process of “Homicidal Tendencies” EP? Also/ what was the idea or concept description about your Album Art Cover.

Cricket- My boy andros sent us some beats. Me and my brother sat down with some pen and paper and just started kicking ideas back n forth. We were kinda eager cuz we wanted to have somethin out there to let people know we were serious, and also just cuz in my opinion the best way to do anything is to jump right in and just start doing it, learning from your mistakes.

-Where can we find the groups music and info? Post

-Any shout outs?

Cricket- Shout out to Andros and Ryan for the EP beats, Milo Photography, Julissa for shooting our first video, and Niko for the recording.

TWC- Shout out to all of our family (Cricket and myself)  that has passed and for our uncle Derek and for all our fam and friends that are giving us their support,

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