Infamous Crew – Q&A Part. 2


Back in March 2014 we featured your group’s EP “Homicidal Tendencies” and we understand you guys have a new album out titled “Nemesis”. What are some key differences between those albums.

Novatore- Tons. Homicidal was basically a demo. We have a different producer, different engineer, a new MC and we’ve just developed our style and voices altogether. musically its way tighter and darker.

Cannons- Well really homicidal tendencies was more or less just thrown together outta fun and love for real hip hop. Nemesis wasn’t just some shit we expected to do but after we heard how good the demo was we decided to take this shit deeper and have new producers and shit, plus adding a new mc that basically put the last piece to the puzzle.

How has the group been able to keep each other motivated and accountable for making great Hip Hop.

Novatore- Once we had enough material to be able to practice full songs together to beats that we really loved, we all became pretty excited. I think we all knew we had something legit before ever recording. I also looked forward to seeing and showing how much we developed in such a short period.

Cannons- honestly we were all just really stoked and all went in head first. We all wanted to lay some shit down and we all would just put that effort to make it happen.

Puck- we’re at our best when we’re just having fun

What improvements have you guys made in the last 6 months regarding the group’s Hip Hop presents.

Nova- We’ve just gotten tighter all around. Beats, lyrics, delivery, etc.

Cannons- For me personally i was groin thru some shit in the beginning so I wasn’t there mentally but i stepped up and made this shit my reason to keep going in life. It was an escape from everything I was stressing over, I was bugging and this was my outlet plain and simple. Shit probably saved my life.

What are your guy’s plans on keeping the movement growing and be an impact in the Hip Hop community.

Novatore- We’re just gonna keep progressing with our lyrics, delivery etc. We’re focusing on playing shows right now. We’re also promoting “Nemesis” the best we can. We just got it up on spotify, itunes, amazon, shazam, rhapsody, xbox and tons of other places.

Cannons- shit just keep spittin real shit that real as people growing up in the struggle can relate to, that city life!! This movement to me is more than movement its a way of life. Its something that will spark that maniacal fire everyone has inside them and just let loose!!

Puck- I really don’t think we’re focused on that at all, like, trying to “be” anything to anyone. at least, i’m not interested in impacting any particular community, i’m interested in doing the shit i like with the people i like and that’s it

Are there any other genres of music you guys enjoy other than Hip Hop

Novatore- Definitely. I love crust punk, 77 punk, old Chicago house music, black metal, thrash metal, some grindcore and powerviolence. I like a lot of different stuff.

Cannons- i can listen to almost anything but to actually choose it would be oldies, house music, juke music, E.D.M., and rap/hip hop (obviously)

Puck- pop punk, trap, classical

Please give us a little background on how the new album titled “Nemesis” came into existence.

Novatore- Basically our producer Jeff the Chef just started sending us these beats that we were super pumped on. They were quality and unique. We told him to keep em coming and we just kept writing constantly. Then our DJ produced 2 tracks that we really dug too; “cult” and “nightmare”. We already knew a full length was our next step and we wanted to make it somewhat brief. I hate 22 track albums where 5 of the tracks are skits and 5 of the tracks suck ass.

How many times have you guys performed live collectively, and have you guys ever been on tour, and if so please describe the feeling.

Novatore- Not enough I’ll say that. I have been on tour several time with punk and metal bands but not yet with infamous crew. I do know from the past it can be the funnest thing in the world and it can be a reality check cuz sometimes, especially in the beginning, if you think you are the shit and you got a big ego… it can become apparent that you got a lot of work to do. Then you get shady ass promoters and shit like that too. Touring is a must though, and it’s fun as fuck.

Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years (2019)

Novatore- Naked getting a blumpkin on an uncharted island after faking our death. Nah, I’d like to see us with like 2 or 3 more full length albums not including solo stuff. I’d hope we’d have toured a bunch too.

Cannons- Getting la Fetia, fuckin honeys, turnin up and spittin nothing but that dope shit!!!

Last but not least, give the BLOG fans and quick message on why they should listen to Infamous Crew.

Infamous Crew- Listen to us cuz were str8 fuckin dope, son. Dope like fuckin heroine. We bust those fat moves, homes.

Cannons- listen to infamous crew cuz we da real dope homie!!! the shit on the radio just be some baby shit holmes!!! check it my dude!!!!

And your top five MC’s of all times?

Goretex/Gore Elohim, Inspectah Deck, ODB, MF Doom, Nas. I like that New York shit.

Canonns- 2pac, biggie, triple darkness, south park mexican, and psychodrama. love nas too but didn’t wanna count that cuz cricket put it.

Puck- Danny Brown, Kool AD, Earl Sweatshirt, Crown Hutch, Vince Staples

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