Q&A Interview with Redondo Beach Veteran Chucky Chuck

What was the earliest hip hop memory you can recall? 

Having my big brother play Eazy-E & N.W.A back in the late 80s.

Who’re some artists that inspire you? 

I’ve got a lot of my inspiration from a rapper called Kool Keith. I also look up to Necro, Tha Dogg Pound & OutKast.

What inspired your moniker from Chucky Styles to just Chucky Chuck?   

Well I’ve gone by Chucky Chuck since I was in high school so that’s been my nickname forever & the Chucky Styles nickname was given to me by DJ Bobby B after he saw how I can ride a dirt bike.

How did you cross paths with the Kottonmouth Kings?

A few of the members of the band lived in my hometown of Redondo Beach & I got introduced to them by my homie Gillies. After that, I started working for them setting up the stage & became one of their signed artists.

What was the inspiration behind DGAF as a group & as a clothing brand?    

The freedom of self expression answering to no one, having fun living life to the fullest & being yourself & not caring what anyone thinks about you.

Last year, you dropped your solo debut Henchlord. Could tell me the inspiration behind that? 

Henchlord was produced by Eddie Ruxspin & I just took inspiration from years of running the underground, the ups & downs of the scene & just being a marijuana enthusiast.

You even started up your own podcast this October. Why is that? 

I would get 12-15 messages a week about people saying I should start a podcast, so a few of my friends got together over at Kush Kingdom & we made it happen.

Are you working on any new music?

I’m working on an EP right now to be released on Suburban Noize by April 20, I have a follow up to the Henchlord record & I have a new group in the works with my friend Rhett Parker called Dead City Villains coming later this year.

What else can we expect from you in 2020?   Lots of shows & festivals & a few more tours more clothing drops in albums coming this year.

Lastly, is there any advice you have for anyone trying to set their foot in as recording artists?  

My only advice for upcoming artists is to be yourself, don’t copy anyone else’s style, be original & truthful in your music. And stay humble. There’s too many big headed rappers out there we don’t need anymore.

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