Q&A With East Coast Underground Hip Hop Artist Tek Bully

It was really dope to cover Tek Bully‘s new 5-track EP, “No Muzzle”.  This emcee truly represents underground Hip Hop for the entire East Coast, so make sure to read our latest Q&A below below:

What was the earliest hip hop memory you can recall?

My earliest hip hop memory is watching The Box on tv with my older brother. He’s four years older than me and is heavy into hip hop so i always followed suit when it came to his music choices.

When was it when you realized that making music was your calling?

I started recording myself rapping when i was like 12-13. But i didn’t step into an actual studio until i was about 17. I made beats for a while too. I was kinda known for beats first. But i always loved to rap and craft music. I got that from my older brother Aylo him and his crew Broken Home from Queens were recording themselves and making CDs and hearing all that i wanted to follow suit too. So i did that. To me i thought i was just okay. I remember hearing all my friends and families positive reactions to my music and thinking, yea. This is it. This is what i wanna do. I wanna make people feel my shit. And see that same reaction from the world.

Where did your moniker originate?

When i was younger like most kids growing up in NYC i dabbled in graffiti. My brother gave me the tag Detek. I used that as my nickname for rap. As i developed my style i got really raw with it. Hardcore type flows and bars, real punch you in the face rap. One of my best friends who rapped too named Kryme loved that shit. He used to say that’s when i was on my BULLY and called me Tek Bully once and i started using that as a nickname to my nickname. It eventually became my primary name when i really started pushing my music in 2013.

What was the first track you ever pushed? Is it still out?

In 2005 i started recording constantly but it was a lot of freestyles on either my beats or industry beats. First track i really pushed was called “Waiting” over Lil Wayne’s beat. And it’s still out there lol. Everyone i knew loved that shit. I hate it now. Lmao

How are you coping with this whole Covid 19 situation? Has it delayed any new music production by any chance?

I’m dealing with it the best way anyone can i would say. I definitely stay in a lot more. And honestly it has actually given me a lot more time to work on projects. No Muzzle was my first project in 7 years! Plenty of singles and features in between then and now, but i feel a drive for music now like i have never felt before.

Please breakdown the creative process of your album “No Muzzle”. Tell us a little about the album cover concept! Who’s dog is that!!!…LOL

Well i linked with William Bostick for through a mutual acquaintance for some beats and we just clicked. He’s an amazing producer and engineer. He linked me with Rec Shop who produced “Teknical Foul” they on the same beat team, Drum Gods. I wanted to showcase my talents in the proper way. I felt bottled up and like i was holding back for a while. I don’t like to boast but with the times right now i really don’t feel the need to hold back. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. I’m nice and ima show the world what the fuck they been missing. I felt like a caged dog. I had the artwork before the album was even recorded! I did that cover myself! Idk who’s dog it is i found that pic in a google search lmao. It spoke to me though. The dog is angry, the gate is open, theres no muzzle on him, he can bite whoever he wants. I felt like it represented me. Time to let loose. I’m out here on everybody’s heels with these bars and there’s nothing to stop me now.

Who is your personal favorite all time best Hip Hop artist? Also, who is your ultimate MC/PRODUCER collabo?

Big L is my all time favorite. Eminem right after though. He just had something about him. His syllable matching is superior. I studied that heavy. I’m big on timing and syllables. As far as Producer/ MC collabo ima have to go with Em/ Dre. They created some of the illest songs/albums in my life personally. Swizz and DMX are a super close second. X is a heavy influence of mine.

Any new music we can expect for the rest of 2020?

Prayers up for “Legend Has It” it’s an Ep i just wrapped up with a super dope producer named iTRAK out of Bulgaria. He’s also part of Drum Gods along with William Bostick and Rec Shop. The project is crazy! His beats are super ill he’s a rising star guaranteed. I’m hoping for it to be released before years up! Stay tuned.

Did you vote in 2020?

Nah I actually didn’t. I’ve never voted so it’s nothing political.

We have to ask, with all this social discourse and revolt, protesting and rioting, exposed police brutality toward blacks and BLM, how do you feel about this? We would love your perspective on the climate we are living in right now.

Mortified. It’s fucking disgusting what these police officers are able to get away with. Even on camera. Nothing stops them. I hate it. I’ve been profiled and arrested like most minorities in this country. And with that being an everyday thing in my life at one point, I understand the frustration. It needs to stop. They need to be held accountable for their actions and they need to screen these people far more throughly than they do. Before you can become a police officer I think you should have a psych evaluation. There’s a lot of hopped up nut jobs who have suffered psychotic breaks that are police officers as well as scared individuals who do the job for the money and not for the want to protect and serve. Racism is a disease and it’s one we’re all going to fight forever. Hopefully one day when we’re all gone here people will change.

What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

To me underground hip hop is what’s not played on the radio. It’s not popular, but it stems from the real roots of this shit. I grew up in the 80s and 90s when lyrics mattered. People who want to listen to music and dance, which is a lot of them, listen to the radio. Radio in the 90s was different. More real and in tune with the essence of hip hop. Now we make our music and they call it underground. Cuz it don’t make u wanna dance and shit. Whatever they wanna label it “Underground” or “Boom Bap” idk, i consider it the roots. It’s where all the other shit was born from.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Everywhere! Nah lol.

INSTAGRAM: @tekbully

Twitter: @tekbully

TEKBULLY. COM all my links are there too.



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