Q&A With Elxtt

Hey Elxtt! Please tell us how many years you’ve been making music?

I’ve been making music for about 6 years. I went on a 2 and a half year hiatus but began rapping again this summer.

How did you get your EMCEE name Elxtt?

My rap name is a combination of the first 2 letters of my first name (Elorm) and the last 2 of my last name (Attor).

Tell us about your first ever debut track you put out? When was this?

I was initially in a rap group back in high school and made a joint with my homie titled ‘Crank It Up’. It was the first time in a studio and I remember being super nervous but I knew rapping is what i want to do when the engineer played my verse back. Surreal feeling. That was back in 2012.

How are you coping with this whole Covid 19 situation?

It was honestly frustrating when everything started getting shut down and we were on lockdown but things seem to be getting back to normal now. Down here in the A, everything seems to be open now. I just try to stay safe and do the basic stuff to avoid catching the virus (masks, sanitizers etc)

Please breakdown the creative process of your latest album “Hell of a Year”. And tell us a little about the album cover concept! That cover art is CRAZY!!!

The whole purpose of this tape was to first of all find my niche and figure out what style of rap people gravitate towards more and what I am most comfortable in making. Track 1-14 are intentionally very much different from each other. I also made this tape as my form of therapy to speak about the crazy year we’ve had from my perspective.

In regards to the cover art it’s taken from one of my fav visual artist of all times, James Jean and I chose it as my cover art because I felt like it portrayed how I felt about this year. The art is a sculpture of a boy with a slingshot with a golden eye in it. When I first saw it the 2 words I could use to describe it were ‘strange’ and ‘thought provoking’. Those two words were also the words that I felt described this year from my perspective so I knew it was the perfect cover for the tape.

Your honest opinion, out of all the songs on the project, which is the one song you feel stands out the most!?

Honestly all the songs stand out in their own way since they are all so different, but based on the numbers, my audience seem to like ‘Rico Suave’ the most. Personally my fav track is ‘Blood on my Jordans’, but ‘Therapy Session’ is definitely the most important track on the album for me.

We have to ask, with all this social discourse and revolt, protesting and rioting, exposed police brutality toward blacks and BLM, how do you guys feel about this? We would love your perspective on the climate we are living in right now?

I feel like the country is in a position that is so critical for the the future generation. Racism is something that is obviously a major issue in this country and I do strongly believe the first step of resolving this issue is raising awareness and shedding light on the problem. In this situation, protesting is the one major way to get our voices heard and I really do feel like progress is being made and our actions now will make life easier for the next generation, the same way the civil rights movements decades ago made life a bit easier for blacks and other minorities today.

Did you vote this year?

I couldn’t unfortunately cause I’m not eligible. Hopefully I’d be able to in 2024.

If it came down to 1 ALBUM only, what underground Hip Hop album would you consider THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!???……One 1 album you can choose.

The best hiphop album of all time in my opinion is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye. The most complete body of work.

What is your definition of “underground Hip Hop”.

Underground hiphop is a culture of MCs and creatives that really just want to go back to the basics of hiphop, which is just rap. At the end of the day we just tryna spit cause that’s what makes us feel the most fulfilled. That’s real hiphop.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

I’m on Instagram (@el.xtt) and Twitter (@elxtt) and my project ‘Hell Of A Year’ is on all streaming platforms.



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