Q&A With Hip Hop Artist LaLo Towers

Hey LaLo Towers, we appreciate seeing a familiar face in underground Hip Hop BLOG community!  Since your last release “DEMONS” how has the music business treated you?  Anything different that you have been doing to continue the growth of your music?

Honestly everything’s been going gravy yo… can’t complain like the album says same shit different day … but I have been reaching out to get more gigs out-of-state… I’m looking forward to the responses… I’ve linked up with a few different promoters in my general area as well that will be able to get me in front of different crowds I mean all in all I’ve just been pushing.

How important is ORIGINALITY to you?  Also, being from TX, we noticed you really have your own style as well!!   How often do you work on your craft as an MC?

Originality is damn near everything to me I feel like what’s done has been done I try to give people moments of my life and my story as I see it and just hope people can dig it and relate … the way I look at it I make music for anybody not everybody and as far as being an artist from Texas I just stay in my lane yo and really that’s all I can say about that cuz I’m a citizen of the world …. And as far as my craft goes I work on it every chance I get.

Tell us about the creative process for your new album “Same Shit Diff Dayz“!  Any interesting features on it?

Honestly like I said in the previous answer I just try to give people moments… that album “Same Shit Diff Dayz” has songs spanning over the last 3 years and as far as the creative process goes I just try to put down what I’m feeling because at the end of the day people are gonna have to feel what I’m saying …i wrote all the hooks tho most were sung/performed by someone else….all but the deoms hook which was written and given to me bal in 2k14 by my boy big Chris .. And as far as features go I reached out to a few singers & hip hop artists that are killing the game out here in SETX (Southeast Texas) wether it be lyrically, sound, grind, or all three ….S/o to all the featured artists.

In 2017, who is on your own personal music rotation playlist!?  Any new artists you are listening to? 

In 2017 I’d have to say the majority of what I listen to would be hopsin some logic Kendrick mainly its dmx Eminem and a variety of other genres as well you can throw j cole in there with some nf too.

Any new projects and videos you are working on?  Planning on a tour anytime soon?

I have already started on another project don’t have a title quite yet for the project but I’m already about 3 songs in and as far as videos I am planning on shooting a video for paranoia which is on the same shit diff dayz project and as far as tours go I would say god willing If I hear back from the people I hit up then the possibility is there … Either way it goes ima find a way … Cause it’s about that time.

Seems like the underground/independent movement is growing extremely fast, so many artists making huge moves not having to deal with major labels.   A&R’s now are signing indie artists based on how many followers they have rather than quality music?  Do your chase social media numbers or are you waiting to one day get signed?? Give us your thoughts…

I am honestly looking to stay independent as long as possible I feel like thats the route to go now a days like y’all said going the major route isn’t necessarily a have to anymore but if the opportunity arises and the deal and numbers are right then most definitely would consider it … I mean why not.

Out the box type question, If it came down to 1 ALBUM only, what underground Hip Hop album would you consider THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!???……One 1 album you can choose.

After careful consideration of this question I really really dig infinite by Eminem in 96’ for the simple fact of the time period it was released in who it was released by and I really dug the project what else can I say.

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”

My definition of the underground is essentially the ones that are out here getting it with no major backing the ones that are not in the main stream eye necessarily and the ones that are producing music that isn’t so commercial….

Drop your links!


IG & Twitter @_lalotowers_


Any shout outs?

I wanna give a shout out to the people who are already fucking with me and for the people who will be fucking with me to those that are closest to me that have been showing mad support and to everybody that I’ve crossed paths with on this journey weather they’re still around or not because I needed to go through everything I’ve been through to get to where I’m going … And S/O N Famous Beatz out of Kentucky for creating over half of the beats on the project and the rest of the composers as well.

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