Q&A With Jersey Champs Founder Sean Kelly

First off, we want to congratulate you and your team on the success with Jersey Champs.  Briefly tell us when and where the company was established?

Jersey Champs was started in May of 2016 while I was a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

What is your mission statement?  What separates you from other Jersey companies?

Quit wearing the same jersey as everyone else, stand out from the crowd and become a CHAMP today!”

Our jerseys are created by our team of designers and feature unique, trending designs. You cannot purchase our jerseys anywhere else. Other jersey companies sell the same jerseys as each other and compete on price points. With Jersey Champs, we feature jerseys that stand out from the rest.

What gave you that Entrepreneurship spark and drive when you started?  Talk about the day you decided to take this on as a full time venture?

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. I firmly believe you are either born with it or not. In elementary school I would sell candy, pokemon cards, crazy bones and whatever else I could get my hand on. In 5th grade i got suspended for one week because I was selling so much candy that no one was using the vending machines.

The day I took on Jersey Champs full time was a day I won’t forget. Telling my parents that I had dropped out of college was not easy for me. My mom threatened to kick me out of the house at first, but I begged for her to give me a chance. Now my parents support my decision fully. I never did well in school anyways, like most entrepreneurs.

How has Hip Hop influenced the company?   What made you dive into that niche market?

Hip Hop had a tremendous influence on the company and was the original inspiration behind starting the company. Our first jersey concept was for Drake’s “Views From the 6” album.

Hip Hop Music and sports jerseys have a very similar audience and I thought combining the two industries would create a very unique product that people would love to wear. People support their favorite artists through shirts and other merch, but now they could do it with jerseys. Ever since we started the hip hop jersey music trend, artists such as Drake, Lil Dicky, 2 Chainz & more have marketed their own jersey concepts.

We do notice you have collabed with well known commercial artists.  Have you collaborated with any underground Hip Hop artists on the rise that our fans might of heard of?

We absolutely love working with up and coming artists! Right now we are working with YBN Nahmir, Skinny From the 9 and a bunch of other upcoming artists. We will make custom jerseys for any artist that reaches out to us, big or small.

Is there a specific artist(s) or sponsorships you have worked with exclusively you can credit in helping you grow the brand?

We have a year long exclusive distribution contract on jerseys with 2 Chainz. This took Jersey Camps to the next level as it was our first A-list celebrity we landed. Logic, Khalid, FATBOY SSE & Action Bronson were also major resume builders for us.

Do you travel, or do pop up shops?  If so, where can jersey enthusiasts find you.

We currently do not have a retail presence. We currently only sell our merchandise on JerseyChamps.com

Lastly, in a few words, what advice can you give to young entrepreneurs reading this interview who would like to get into the apparel business?

You can contact Sean on his Instagram or his Twitter.


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