Q&A With Rising Bahamas Based Hip Hop Artist Porter D’ Poet

Yo Porter D’ Poet!! Much respect on your latest “Dreamin” EP? One of our main contributors BOOM gave this project an 8/10!!! WOW solid ranking!! Please tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you been an artist? How did you get your Emcee name?

Yo thanks for the interest, I truly appreciate the love! I’ve been recording professionally since 2008. I’ve had the nickname “Porter” since my early teens. It was only when I decided to start rapping I added “D’Poet”, because of my passion for poetry itself, and music is really the form of poetry I became most attracted to.

Please let us know when was your first time making music together? Do you remember where/when?

The first song I had ever recorded was in Nassau, Bahamas, at Digiwave Recording Studio. It was my first time recording my own song, which was never released, but it inspired me to want to record even more music.

Tell us about the underground Hip Hop scene out there in The Bahamas? If there even is one out there…LOL

The underground hiphop scene in The Bahamas is certainly a lost gem that the world has yet to discover. The talent is overwhelming but the support for local rappers, not so much. Its most certainly better than it was 10 years ago, but there is still much more to improve on in terms of promoting our Bahamian hiphop artists for the world to see and hear.

Not a lot of quality Hip Hop comes out of the The Bahamas nowadays! So we are happy to know artist like yourself still keeps it alive out there! Please give us a brief history lesson about the past influential Hip Hop artists who came out of there, and how they influenced you in any way!

It’s sad because the world may never get to hear the likes of Papa Shadow Fox, Reality and Mad Brad the selecta, known collectively as Muh Bui Dem, Bahamian hiphop pioneers, who, along with other past hiphop artists, influenced and inspired me along my hiphop journey.

Many Bahamian rappers, past and present, have resorted to taking their talents outside of the country to seek support and recognition elsewhere.

Please breakdown the creative process of your new “Dreamin” EP? Wicked cover art btw! How did you end up coming up with that EP cover art??

DREAMIN was a project I created in an effort to get more local radio spins lol.  Local rappers go thru a lot of red tape with the radio stations at home, so my aim was to create a project with little to no profanity, that speaks on real life issues that we can all relate to, not just as Bahamians, but human beings in general.

How often do you perform LIVE!? have you ever been on tour?

I have performed live in The Bahamas a few times, never internationally, never been on tour, sadly.

Please tell us abut your mission statement regarding your music and movement. What do you want fans to walk away with after listening toy our projects? Also, please describe your sound in the simplest way possible?

My music has always been about real life issues, whether in the past or in the moment, personal or otherwise. The purpose of creating music to me, has always been for people to relate. When you listen to my music, I want the issues and the lyrics to be so familiar to your own experiences, so much that you feel that shit in your soul…. real music. I reached out to a few other talented local artists for a few collabs and we made it happen. By the way, the production was all done locally also.

What you got cooking next? Anything special for Summer 2018!!??

I’ve got one more EP to drop in July, which is more street music, not intended for radio lol.  After which I plan to release a full length album for the end of the year, or maybe even the new year, through God.

Our most popular question, what is your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground hiphop to me, means hiphop closest to the people, closest to the street. The ones you don’t hear on the big radio stations but they’ve made their impact in their own communities, with hustle, determination and faith.

Where can fans find your music? Drop all links!!

Instagram @porterdpoet
Soundcloud @porterdpoet

Any Shout Outs??

and shout out to everybody who participated in bringing the Dreamin’ EP to reality….
Tracy “BDA The Producer” Knowles
Rashad “Soulja Shaddy” Mcphee
Faron “Faylo Conseco” Newbold

Joseph Loren
Sanjardo B
Selecta Chronic

And special shout out to DJ Xcitement of 100 JAMZ

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