Porter D’ Poet – “Dreamin” EP (Review)

Co-signs are a like currency in Hip-Hop. Often used as leverage by a new artist accessing the mainstream music scene. Bahamas-own Porter D’ Poet is the most recent buzz worthy artist to not only uses his talents to get in the door but his high-profile recognition as the key. “I’m rarely impressed with hearing new music, no matter, wherever in the world I am,” says platinum singer/songwriter Keri Hilson on Poet. “But here [Bahamas], I’ve found some quite impressive acts… As far as rappers. I like Poet, he writes hit songs.”

Porter D’ Poet is a rising star coming out of Bahamas, signed to SMG (Serafina Media Group), thanks to a hit singles, titled, “Get That Paper” and “Leave Dat Girl Alone”. The popularity behind the single led to the release of Poet’s latest EP, entitled, ‘Dreamin”. ‘Dreamin” is a four-track mainstream introduction of the indie act with his best tracks to-date. Eager to take his talents to the big time, backed with a strong foundation locally, is Porter D’ Poet’s new music worthy of the attention. Let’s find out.

Listen to Porter D’ Poet’s new EP, ‘Dreamin” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

The production on ‘Dreamin” features fellow hungry rising beatsmiths to help tow the line for the promising hopeful. Featuring production by BDA The Producer, the four-track sound is while drowning at times satisfying. Live instruments, vintage vibe, and radio-friendly, ‘Dreamin” has a sound that is built for any occasion and the perfect theme music for mind, body, and soul whether alone or in mixed company. A neutral sound that everyone will enjoy.

Blending with his reggae sound effects, Porter patens his sound with a lullaby-familiar wordplay. Clever, simple, and undeniable to sing-a-long once systemically implanted in your brain through subliminal inception. Soothering , Poet’s tone is a strong characteristically showing stealing, with mellow toned story-telling and fully disclosure of his background. Poet is received with open arms and beloved by the end of the collective.

Overall, ‘Dreamin” is an intriguing first impression on an international scale for the rising recording artist due majority to his multi-cultural infusion. Easily digestible with trendy topics, personally revealing, and seductive imagery leads to a very appealing acquired taste for testers. Very attentive with the use of his Jamaican accent to successful execute a mystic about himself that instantly grabs the attention of the ear upon arrival. Porter search his soul to make a lasting first impression and the fans will grow to always appreciate that from the rising star as he continues to grow; furthermore, enjoying a minute of the process.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

Follow Porter D’Poet on Twitter: @porterthepoet

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