Speed on the Beat (Baltimore, MD) – “Dreaming” (The Breakthrough)

“Dreaming” is a track meant to both catch listeners up to where I’ve been mentally and such since the release of #SongsFor817. It’s also a track that’s reflective and meant to, as I always do, lay my heart and life on the line. As mentioned before, I am a person who is “bipolar.” This track was written around the time I first accepted that fact, in a hospital room in Laurel. So, very timely.

After writing the track, I decided to kill off the proto-version of DOTK, an album titled “Unhinged,” and just put everything out there.

Death of The King releases Sunday August 17th 2014.

The track also features a better, more crisp mixdown when compared to the (intentional) no-fi days of…last year and stuff. Thank Luke from @FGN-Records for that as even a couple convos has helped me to mix my tracks down a bit better, making them less unintentionally “no-fi.”




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