Q&A With Rising Florida Based Hip Hop Artist 3rd Side Slim

3rd Side Slim, before getting into your new album, what part of Florida you from? How long have you been making music?

I’m From Volusia County, Which Is The Daytona Beach Area, From A City Called Deltona, And A Section Within’ That City Called The “3rd Side”. I’ve Been Making Music For About 16 Years, But I Finally Started Taking It SERIOUS About 2018

How are you doing during this quarantine period? How is your city dealing with it currently?

My Family And I Have Been Blessed, An Untouched From The Current Pandemic….They TRIED Locking Us Down, But I’ve Been Moving And Grooving The Whole Time…Bills Don’t Come Tardy, I Got A Family To Feed, And Generational Wealth To Provide To My People….I’m Suppose To BEEN Gone, So I Know God Ain’t Bring Me This Far To Perish To COVID…As Far As The City….Most Are Masked Up, Some Stores Require It, But We Vibin’ Right Now On My End.

Any Southern influences in particular that motivated you to make music?

Well Southern/Florida Culture Period, But As Far As Artist: Master P, Juvenile, B.G., Trick Daddy, JT Money, C-Murder, Boosie, Webbie, Dirty Boyz, Camoflauge, Soulja Slim

What’s your opinion on the Florida rap scene? We notice all the new music coming from there, how are you making an impact.

Florida Rap Scene Is Bullshit, Just As Well As Every Other “State’s” Scene….Everybody Sounds The Same That Whining/ Singing Rap Bullshit….That’s Not Rap, That’s Not Hip Hop….The Industry Sounds Like 1 Of 3 People: Migo’s, NBA Young Boy, Or Kodak….There’s Nothing Authentic About That At ALL….Rap Needs To Go Back To When The South Sounded Like The South, North Sounded Like The North, West Sounded Like The West, And ETC…People Need To Appreciate Their Culture And Stop Biting Off Someone Else….Promoters Play Favoritism, Certain Bigger Artist Won’t Work With You Because Your Talent Exceeds Theirs….It’s Fucked Up! I’ve Been Making My Impact By Being ME…..Nothing More Nothing Less….I REFUSE To TALK ABOUT, Or PORTRAY….ANYTHING…. I Haven’t Experienced Or Witnessed… And I’m A Give It So Blunt, So Raw, And So Vividly….That You Have No Choice But To Feel Me….All My Music Is A Piece Of My SOUL!

Congrats on the album, “Killin Em With Ease”. How are your fans reacting to the project?

Appreciate It, And My Supporters Love It….They Know I’m Authentic…..People Get Tired Of Hearing Fairytales, And Things They Can’t Relate To.
We notice all the hard hitting beats that really compliment your flow, who is on the production?

On This Album I Have Eujoe Cipher, HB Titan, Mak Luther Beats, Dee Hamm, And Couple Others, But The First 4 I Named, Are Producers I Shop With On The Regular.

Are videos in the works to campaign your project for the near future?

Most Definitely, Videos Are The Way To Go Now, But I’m Currently In The D.M.V (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Area Doing Photo, And Video Shoots, And Networking…With The ONLY Person Who Shoots My Visuals, And That’s My Nigga Jodeci Devinchy, CEO Of Glass House Filmz! Definitely Tap In With Him….IG: @glasshousefilmz123

There are a handful of blog favorite tracks on the project, which one is your favorite and recommend to a new listener?

To Keep It All The Way G, I Don’t Know Which One Is My Favorite, Because All Of Them Fire, But I’m Just Going To Say I Fuck With That “Reflect“ HEAVY! Y’all Go Check That Out!

Are you following up with new music for the rest of 2020?

Most Definitely….I Have A Politically Charged, Revolutionary Album Dropping Later This Year Called “RGB” (Red, Green, Black) I Want People To ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO MY LYRICS….PEEP MY INTELLECT….ILL NEVER SELL YOU ANY BULLSHIT, Or Something I DON’T BEIEVE…Rappers Fail To Realize They’re Like DOCTORS….And The Fans, And Supporters Are Like PATIENTS….Why The Fuck Are Doctors FEEDING The Patients Bullshit, They Don’t Even Partake In….Stay Far From The Fake!
A question we ask all the artists, what’s your definition of Underground Hip Hop?


Where can fans find all your music?

I’m On All Musical Platforms Besides SoundCloud, But Just Google “3rd Side Slim” And You’ll Have A Plethora Of Options!

Lastly, any shout outs?

God, My Family, Everyone GENUINELY Attatched To Me, And My Supporters For The Love They Show Me….And Even Y’all At Undergroung Hip Hop Blog….Much Love And Respect To Everyone!

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