Q&A With Rising Galveston County Hip Hop Artist Andre Footz

Hey Andre Footz , we would like to thank you for your contribution to underground Hip Hop and keeping the culture alive! I really enjoyed your new Album “Long Way From The Trap”! Please tell us what exact area code you represent? How long have you been making music?

I’m representing 409 Galveston county area and I’ve been making music seriously since 2009ish when I was like a sophomore in high school.

What influenced you to become a Hip Hop artist? What were the main factors that got you into, quote on quote, “Underground Hip Hop”?

My influences are the 90’s early 2000s hip and rnb culture everything about urban 90s culture was lit ,then my city La Marque TX ,it’s small but ain’t no place like it ya know just the stuff I was exposed to shows in the music as well.

Your style and rhyme scheme is super raw, hard-hitting and ORIGINAL. How important is it for your to stay ORIGINAL? How would you describe your style?

This is a touchy subject just because all artists stem from another artist whether it be present day or from the past so being original is a catch 22 type thing to me and I would describe my style as melodic, real, smooth, and vibrant when sound like me all the way.

Tell us about the creative process for your new Album “Long Way From The Trap”! Any interesting features on it?

There isn’t any features just because it’s the beginning of MY story so that’s how i told it and The creative process came from real life situations that were either happening to me or happening to people around me, from being homeless to have money and blowing to having friends get locked up and just figuring out life period that’s what LWFTT is about.

In 2018, who will be on your personal music rotation playlist!? Any new artists you are listening to?

Myself and my peers I try to stay away from jamming everybody cause I’m not just a rapper I produce, engineer and etc so I’m heavily influenced and will tend to gear towards other people’s sound if that makes sense but I’ve been on money man hard and Brent faiyaz/ sonder but for the most part I’m just playing my stuff.

Any new projects and videos you are working on? Planning on a tour anytime soon?

No tour right now I just started the label so I’m focused more on the business side right now but definitely more vids and music maybe a LWFTT 2

Out the box type question, If it came down to 1 ALBUM only, what underground Hip Hop album would you consider THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!???……One 1 album you can choose.

That’s hard but I would either choose young jeezy thug motivation 101 or 2 Pac me against the world.

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”

Underground hip hop to me is the underdogs the underrated artists who could run laps around the mainstream stuff if given the same opportunities but underground hip hop is the new mainstream to me.

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