Q&A With Rising Pasadena, CA Based Hip Hop Artist Alexander

Yo my man Alexander!! Much respect on your absolutely epic underground Hip Hop album “District 9mm” with true up and coming producer RustyJoints! One of our main contributors BOOM ranked it 8/10!!! This album really fits well with our website!! Please tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you been an artist? How did you get your Emcee name?

Man, much appreciation for the love. My real name my rap shit. Everything I do is for my last name, so I decided to put it as my first. It also plays into the Alexander the Great theme. But yea, niggas been rapping since 2010. Pasadena bred, 626 stand the fuck up.

Please let us know when was your first time making music? Do you remember where/when?

The first shit I ever dropped was this video I did wit my little sister. She my killa. We was throwing bars back n forth like 2 gladiators at battle. I didn’t write at the time, I spit all my verses from memory, so to my 9-year-old sister tear down shit like that straight from the dome was a beautiful thing.

Give us the back story about how you liked up with RustyJoints on this album!? He is possibly one of the dopest independent Hip Hop producers in the game today! We love how he brands himself and stays consistent on his IG feed! His mask is insane, along with his beats! Reminds of a Danger Mouse, MF DOOM….

Yo…. So let me tell you about this crazy ass muthaphuka smh…. Rusty fuckin joints bro. The man’s ahead of his time. I think I randomly spotted dude on Bandcamp, and immediately reached out to show i fucked wit work heavy. He blessed the god wit honors to do a verse on a beat he had on the Chaos Plays The Notes table. Needless to say the shit came out crazy. To make a long story short, niggas built up a relationship. I told him this concept for an album I had in mind, and told him that he would be the perfect person to create this with. Lucky for me he was wit it, and we really saw eye to eye 100%, even being on 2 different sides of the country. I love that nigga! A definite descendant from doom, for sure. That mask stupid boy!!!

How often do you perform LIVE!?  have you ever been on tour?

Niggas ain’t been on tour yet, but my management is getting all of that in the works as we speak. I’m really excited, a lot of the records on a District 9 album were made for the specific reason. We got some shit for niggas the riot to yo feel me. But yea ive performed in the various so cal scenes and up north. You can catch me at a show soon! It’ll be lit, guaranteed. Zero Caps.

Please breakdown the creative process of the new album “District 9mm”. Wicked cover art btw! The artwork is always important! Love the fact that dope artwork always sets the tone and allow fans to be more adaptable to music…

The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to create a cinematic experience for the listener. We created this album top to bottom with this concept in mind. You got to listen to this jawn with a bowl of popcorn you feel me. That’s why we made the intro how it is. Feel like you in a theater. Then once they start to digest the film, they realize they watching nothing but a reflection of the world we living in.

Please tell us abut your mission statement regarding your music and movement. What do you want fans to walk away with after listening toy our projects? Also, please describe your sound in the simplest way possible?

My sound, simply put, ain’t no pretty melodies or catchy hooks, just bars nigga, want to hear that? Stop my shit, and play Bruno Mars nigga, you feel me. And the beats gritty and nasty, gut niggas like fish.

Planning on making another project with RustyJoints? Any new projects in the works!?

Man, me and Rusty got some “Joints” we going to be dropping that’s loosies, that are straight up bananas, on my mother.

Anything special for Summer 2018!!??

2018, I got some real Sinister shit coming out. I mean it’s just menacing, dark… Really put you in that mood if u get me. Stay tuned for that VERY soon.

Now this is our most popular question, what is your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground hiphop to me means that you know you roaming with the alligators and the sharks. We lurk in the swamps you feel me. I’m real competi‐ tive with this shit. I’m here to snatch a nigga wig wit the crown still attached. On everything I love.

Where can fans find your music? Drop all links!!

First off, just Google my mans Rusty joints. Everything you need is gon be right there. Dude is immensely talented. We created a movie god! Catch me on all them socials @atg70, and follow my management @whalelifeproductions.

Any Shout Outs??

shout out to all my a alikes, I feel your frequency. Peace to the gods and the Earths. One.

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