Q&A With Up And Coming Australian Hip Hop Artist K1ng Lyr1cure

Hey K1ng Lyr1cure, we always appreciate solid fresh Australian Hip Hop! Your mixtape “#1MADE1T” is solid as well! Please tell us what part of Australia you represent? How long have you been making music?

Yoo. I’m grateful to hear that. I’m from Sunshine, Vic, that’s the area i represent. I have been making music ever Since 2011 until now, but I had a long period between that time, where I stopped rapping for at least two years due to lack of concentration.

What influenced you to become a Hip Hop artist? What were the main factors that got you into, quote on quote, “Underground Hip Hop”?! Any Australian influences??

Okay. Thats a good question. I moved to Australia in 2007 and before that I was living in a refugee camp some where in Tanzania, Africa.

Music is one thing, I think was a big part of my life. I mean growing up, in an environment where there isn’t that much technology, as lil kids, Me and the other kids around me’ used Music as a way of being free, (expressing your feelings, when you can’t explain them with words)and that can be, singing along to the radio or dancing to Songs. And there is a rapper called “Lolilo” and I remember always singing and rapping over his songs all the times. It’s funny cause I never had the thought of being a rapper or a singer before I came to Australia. But when I arrived here in 2007, My cousin who was already here’ introduced me to songs of rappers in America. And that’s when I kinda got in love with hip hop more and started fantasizing being a rapper and doing music myself. I remember 50 Cent was the first rapper I listened to and he inspired me big time. I used to learn all his Lyrics on the internet before I even new how to communicate in english. I would have to say 50 cent was my influence, ass well as Eminem, and Lil wayne. To be honest I never thought Australia Hip hop existed until 2011 when I discovered an artist by the name of 360.

Other than yourself, who else is holding down the indie underground out there in Australia!!??

There are a lot of rappers all over Australia right now holding it down for the Aussie rap scene, Compare to like 4 years ago or so.

How important is it for your to stay ORIGINAL? How would you describe your style?

Staying original is not really a big problem to me, Because I know I’ve tried to be like someone else before and it just didn’t seem right, so I’ve been staying in my lane. My style really depends on the beat im on, but I’ve got that relaxing sound when you listen to my music.

Tell us about the creative process for your new mixtape “#1MADE1T”! Any interesting features on it?

After I released my last project before this one (AstraBoy: Human Cover Up) which was like around the quarter of 2017, I knew I wanted to make another tape to drop at the end of the year. And thats how #1made1t came to be. I’ve got Two features on it. I got a song Tittle “Trouble which feature a friend of mine who i met in 2017 and I got to find out he raps and his flow is nice first time I heard him spit, so i was like why not put him the #1made1t. Second feature is a song title Respect Me featuring Rizz, who is really good with WordPlay.

In 2018, who will be on your personal music rotation playlist!? Any new artists you are listening to?

I’m probably gonna be listening to Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake

Any new projects and videos you are working on? Planning on a tour anytime soon?

Yepp. I’ve got so much plans in mind. Yer ill be Shooting videos for Some songs from #1made1t and I’ve got an EP im currently working on due to release around March.


50 cent
Lil wayne

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground music to me, is music which hasn’t gotten as much attention as it needs/Deserves.

Drop all your music and social media links!


Any shout outs!?

Shout out to, Etopz, PETIT BIZARRE, Ira Amin, Rizz, ThePsychoticScull and even else in the Australia Hip Hop right now.

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