The L.A.M.E. – Q&A Interview

The L.A.M.E. - Q&A Interview

Los Angeles Hip Hop might just have a new collective their city and we are talking about The L.A.M.E.? When did the collective start and what does L.A.M.E. mean?

PRNSLYATOMS – To be honest, I was starring at my moms Chris Brown cd cover (F.A.M.E.) because she wanted me to put it on her iPod. I liked the typography and the idea of an acronym so I thought of another four letter word that rhymes with fame. Lame was the first word that came to mind. After pitching a few meanings to CAVICALIFORNIA we settled on The Los Angeles Made Exclusive. This was back in 2011, I think. New Years of that year (1/1/11) while getting stoned in back of the big blue van, we decided to start working together on music. We would collaborate, but still remain solo artist.

CAVICALIFORNIA – Somewhere in like a van we used to call the “Love Machine”. The day that shit got towed I knew we had to make moves else where.

Who are you biggest influences when it comes to Bay area Hip Hop.

PRNSLYATOMS – Mainly the usual suspects. Though I remember back in high school, The Pack had a moment 09’ when they just took over the internet. Mollywhoppin’ by Stunnaman is still a classic, he put on so many dudes like the Far East Movement and Dev. Basedgod is the King of Internet Rap. No way Super Meth gets made, let alone taken seriously if not for Lil’ B and those cell phone cam videos. Praise be to the Basedgod. Basedgod put Clams Casino on the map, Clams went on to make the first or second single off ASAP Rocky’s debut album. If Lil’ B endorses you, you’re pretty much on the right track.

CAVICALIFORNIA – I fuck with E-40… E-40 if you out there holla at me. I fuck with Mac Dre and Digital Underground. I like a lot of the collabs that was done in the bay from 2pac, Spice 1, Richie Rich, and B-Legit. Gotta give shout outs to Master P for putting on heavy for Richmond, Ca. when he was out here. Lil B follows me on twitter and he stays reppin Berkley heavy so it’s all love.

Congrats on the success of your latest 2nd release, “For Promotional Use Only Vol. 2”. Feel free to break down the creative process of the project.

PRNSLYATOMS – It was supposed to be my solo project then things happened and it turned into something else. Afterwards I threw the “Promotional Use” label on it and there you go.

CAVICALIFORNIA – I was wondering how we were gonna top the first one but i think we just did.

We really enjoyed your latest video for “Super Meth”. Was The Meth pipe and smoking just props or were you guys really getting tweeked out!?

PRNSLYATOMS – Big Smoke Jesus is a mutual acquaintance of ours and just happens to be a local fiend. Cavi decided he wanted to “go viral” since casting broads for a video about “girls that wanna fuck on meth” became more difficult than previously anticipated.

CAVICALIFORNIA – I got tired of dealing with nothing ass models and made the greatest decision to deal with one reliable tweaker and shot and directed the video myself in the back of my Cutlass Supreme Brougham. Neither me nor Princely were in the video tweaking but it still pissed everybody off for some reason like this shit isn’t everywhere or isn’t flooding the hood. I still wonder who pussified America…

What are your plans for getting the music out of LA and get it circulating throughout the nation?

PRNSLYATOMS – Make better music…. Trust me, I know it’s not that easy. Just remember, no matter who’s dick you lick to get shit, if you still suck, you still suck! #Knowledge

CAVICALIFORNIA – I’ve had my eyes set on New Orleans for a minute. I feel as if I’ll really make moves out there… from LA to La..

Are you looking forward to working with other artists near you? Or do you try to keep collabs at a minimum.

PRNSLYATOMS – No! Unless you engineer better than me or you know an engineer that’s better than me and won’t charge me. Besides that, I’m create greatness by my lonely. Though CAVI makes a nice +1.

CAVICALIFORNIA – No… but you might find us at the comedy club

What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

PRNSLYATOMS – Snobby low notoriety rappers talking about nothing, crying about their problems like Anne Frank or complaining about how everyone is so stupid and fake. If Hip-Hop was Rock & Roll and Trap Music was Heavy Metal, The L.A.M.E. would be Punk Rock. Underground Hip-Hop would be like Folk Music or something.

CAVICALIFORNIA – Mediocre image. Music that doesn’t sell. Rappers who throw shows that amount to a cock fest sprinkled with square ass bitches.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

PRNSLYATOMS – Currently working on an official website to be a hub for all L.A.M.E. info, updates and releases.

Check out our archives to get up to date at

Stay up to date with new releases on

Google us for any new articles or interviews we do.

We’re open to radio, podcast and on camera interviews

Lastly, and shout out?

PRNSLYATOMS – We get a lot of love and just wanna thank all of our fans out in California, Texas, Florida, Michigan and all over the globe.

CAVICALIFORNIA – Shout outs to moms (Princely’s mom too), 90% of the people I know don’t deserve shit. I don’t want to sound arrogant but junkies, nothing ass hoes and a lack of ambition annoys the fuck outta me.

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