Action Bronson (Queens, New York) – Twin Peugots (ft. Mac Miller & Big Body Bes)



Action Bronson – Twin Peugots (ft. Mac Miller & Big Body Bes)

I’ve been a fan of Action Bronson ever since his debut album Dr. Lecter dropped in 2011. Every project he’s released since then has been unbelievably consistent, which is actually both a good and bad thing. I absolutely love his brash indie Ghostface flow and his random drug inspired subject matter that persistently has a raunchy undertone, but unfortunately he maintains this same general formula far too often. Even though Blue Chips 2 is easily one of the best mixtapes of 2013, at this point I already know, for the most part, exactly what to expect from his projects, and there weren’t really any surprises with this new release that caught me off guard. Nor were there any songs on it that impressed me as much as 9-24-11 from the first Blue Chips mixtape. Although, it certainly helps that all the beats he raps over are exceptionally colorful and dope.

Mac Miller has his own flaws, but at this point in his career versatility isn’t one of them, even though it definitely used to be. As I previously stated soon after he released his less than stellar album Blue Slide Park, I felt the best direction for his career would be to work with some real hip-hop artists that bear a different style than him, and thankfully that’s exactly what he started doing. The best song off of Mac Miller’s last album is Red Dot Music (ft. Action Bronson). These two undeniably make a great drug fueled team, and I really hope they continue regularly working together for future projects.

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