Album Review: Ben FM – “Comes Alive!”

Ben FM - "Comes Alive!" (Album)

Where Do I Begin” clearly speaks for itself. Ben FM comes out with his latest ALL LIVE album titled “Ben FM Comes Alive!” that is a super superior Underground Hip Hop album.  His rhymes are truly profound and unique, with tons of conviction and articulation incorporating real life situations, consciousness and the Hip Hop life.  The beats on this project really fit well with Ben FM’s style and cadence allowing all Hip Hop fans to really absorb this music real easy.  He makes it sound so easy to say the least!! LOL .  This album has 11 solid tracks and all are very memorable and truly stand out for being Underground Hip Hop.

We appreciate true art like this and if only more kids can listen to true music and substance like this whole world would be a lot positive rather than all the bullshit that is going on all around us and in the mainstream media.  You have to listen to “All Relatives” a true life changing song that I really enjoyed!!  Its been a very long time that I came across a LIVE album and by far this has been the best sounding LIVE album I’ve heard so far  in the past decade.  Much respect to Ben FM for pushing QUALITY!!


Senior Publisher for @UGHHBLOG // Been an Underground Hip Hop fan all my life and I'm dedicated to keeping the culture alive on a daily basis. Working hard every day and staying positive is what LIFE is all about.

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