Album Review: BLIMP – "Cruising Altitude" (2013) ///

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A rare find out of Arkansas, BLIMP is definitely holding it down for the South with some real integrity based Hip Hop.  With the usual trap sound coming out the south, it’s a sigh a relief finally getting a hold of some real Hip Hop out of that area of the nation.  Solely composed by BLIMP and West Coast’s own DJ FLIP FLOP of the influential CUNNINGLYNGUISTS, “CRUISING ALTITUDE” features DON TRIP, TRAE, Z-RO, the legend SCARFACE, as well as other nationally known artists ILLMACULATE, MISTAH F.A.B., and TERMANOLOGY, who we have interviewed in the past.  BLIMP’s network with these heavywight MCs showcases his Hip Hop maturity, along with his true independent grind and know how in making a complete album.  Independently funded and constructed, Blimp delivers a nice balanced mix of music ranging from laid back smoking songs to the social/political/economy issues of today. highlight tracks are: Do It For The AGotta Do ft. Termanology, & Keep Ya Head Up ft. Scarface.  If you are a real Hip Hop head, bump those 3 tracks, and you will realize that this project is a must BUY!

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