Album Review: D.Mason (Dallas, TX) – The ARID Instrumental EP

Never heard such a deep minded, fundamentally sound Hip Hop Beat Tape in years.  From the dope ass sample on in the beginning of  “Niki Louda” alongside the overwhelmingly surprising beat that followed for this track.   At one point I was able to paint a picture in my mind about racing in a funny way.  D.Mason in our book is considered #5 to who have ever submitted as a quality Hip Hop producer.  With an interesting album cover to say the least, this EP allows any MC out there to really boost up his stock working with someone like D. Mason.  “Stupidity & Ignorance” is another complete BANGER in our book.

It’s very frustrating at times to be aware that there are so many so-called “Hip Hop Producers” yet known of them can even come close to matching the sound to his 1st beat on this EP let alone his whole project.  We want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to D. Mason for holding it down in Texas and producing great Hip Hop sound……………

“The ARID EP” Download Link:



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