Album Review: International (INTL) – “Eye Of The Storm”

Not sure how to start this Album Review.  When I got the opportunity to listen to this project for the first time, I was instantly BLOWN AWAY!.  It made my day!!!  Underground hip Hop hasn’t sounded better.  International (INTL) of a group called Block Alumni recently release this JEM titled “Eye Of The Storm” to the masses.  From front to back the record as the true essence of RAW Hip Hop with a perfect combination of conscious and intellectual Rhymes with Beats to go really HARD.  His aggressiveness on every song sounds very natural and clearly you can hear his Hip Hop knowledge.  I was already a fan since the days we were promoting his group in the past on this BLOG.

This album consists of 10 songs of real solid articulate easy to understand and follow every story and topic.  His musicianship really shows on all the tracks, it’s not just Hip Hop but ACTUAL MUSIC.  The Michigan scene differently has an artist and group that nobody can mess with.  “Real Recognizes Real” and this is probably the most ORIGINAL material i have heard in a very long time.

Tracks like “Told You So” & “Chariots” are the ones that really shook me.  But this whole project has something for 100% of Hip Hop fans.  Who am I to just pin point 2 songs, I’m just a small Hip Hop blogger who lover REAL HIP HOP………………….@UGHHBLOG

Album Download Link:

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