Album Review: J. Gillie – “Elmhurst Since Birth”

J. Gillie releases a straight up BANGER of an Album titled “Elmhurst Since Birth”. He offers 14 tracks of nothing but quality Hip Hop along with a super different and creative sound nobody has heard before.  His delivery, articulation & cadence absolutely speaks for itself, allowing his talent shine very bright.  The beats along with his dope rhymes are top-notch to say the least, also his storytelling ability has to be one of the best I have come across so far for 2015.

J.Gillie has really creative his own style for Hip Hop along with embracing the aggressiveness of the promotion game today, making Hip Hop that shits on the competitor.  I have already downloaded this project to my iPod and I’m looking forward to put this on REPEAT at the gym….ITS FREE >> DOWNLOAD


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