Album Review: King Author & Goose (Columbus, OH) – Prospectus

A true classic album for being a debut.  “Prospectus” by King Author & Goose has all the great elements for being a quality Hip Hop album.  The lyrics are great, very articulate with a crazy dope & steady cadence along side a deep message on every song.  The beats fit extremely well on every song, and we noticed the deep, melodic organic style of samples that were used on this album that made the whole project stand out among the rest.  The collaborative effort by both King Author & Goose made history for all of Indie Hip Hop.

Even from the artwork it already gave me a chill down my spine so I was only looking forward to hear the whole project, and I was not disappointed.  Tracks to highlight are “Prospectus“, “A Beautiful Mind“, “Memoirs” & “Foreplay” which is a great track to start the album…………..@UGHHBLOG



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