Album Review: “Metamorphosis” EP By Altered Change

“Metamorphosis”, the new EP by upcoming Los Angeles Hip Hop group Altered Change.  Exactly 1 year ago today, we reviewed their self titled EP, and today we are proud to bring you a follow up on their latest project.  It’s great to see that they added some artillery on the EP collabing with notable L.A. heavyweights EQ, Duke Westlake, and more!!!

The whole anti-commercial / underground feel of the album reminds me of those throwback golden era projects that never get played out.  “Clap Ya Hands” featuring Yung Miss is the second track off the project, and it’s a automatic recommendations to listen to.  The lyrical wordplay, vocal delivery, beat, and overall mood of the track will definitely make a strong positive impression on you.  As soon as we noticed that Los Angeles beat maker EQ produced the first, and last songs “Nice High” & “Brave New World”, we already knew that this project would be dope, and beat selection would be on point!!!  Be sure to check out the whole “Metamorphosis” EP by Altered Change, 7 genuine Hip Hop tracks that will leave a lifelong impression on Hip Hop head!!!

You can also catch them live performing tracks off the new EP on June 13th in Los Angeles @ Los Globos during the #TerminatorTour alongside Necro, special guest Awol One and many more.

Purchase the “Metamorphosis” EP:

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