Album Review: Profound (Atlanta, GA) – #TeamDreamer

#TeamDreamer offers the Atlanta Hip Hop scene a whole new perspective in Hip Hop music.  With a mixture of club, underground, lyricism & consciousness all in 1 heavy hard-hitting Hip Hop project.  Profound‘s beat selection on this project is more heavy on the electro side yet still putting out an organic Hip Hop sound.  A very gravitating 13 track Album that honestly has a collection of “Classic” songs.  His presentation and visuals that compliment this project like”Trippen” shows how Profound really understands the Music Video side of the business with a solid visual.  His storytelling ability is Grade A alongside his Hip Hop music.

Overall a really uplifting positive Album with a lot of creativity.  Its deff not your usual Krunk, Swagger Rap Music that is saturated in the Atlanta area, its more of a real solid classic Hip Hop Album for fans from all over the world.  My favorite tracks are “How You Really Feel” & “Trippen” due to their sound that is hella hard and has potential to go viral……………@UGHHBLOG

Album Link:

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