Album Review: Shamanix (Denver, CO) – “Initiation” EP

A real deep. heavy & strong EP with some quality production.  Shamanix has broken barriers with his latest EP titled “Initiation“.  Being able to vent and truly spit about whats on his mind, uninfluenced by negativity or any distracting outside presents.  6 tracks of fire, with a different flavor on every song, allowing every Hip Hop fan to enjoy this great EP.  Finally a Rapper with some fresh quality production, these days it seems like MC’s forgot what “good production” really means.  All songs have a professional structure similar to any great musician with some great vocal hook features.

After listening to Shamanix’s whole project, he is more of a conscious Rapper then anything else.  Keeping the true essence of what Underground Hip Hop is all about “Consciousness!!”.  With his storytelling, its more like education incorporating tons of facts in his rhymes clearly goes to show how smart of a MC he is.  Not to single out songs but “Alive“, “Stand Up“, “Society” are songs that really represent the true message that Shamanix is pushing on this EP.  Modivating individuals is more important than any dollar sign in the world so if Shamanix  is changing people’s lives one listen at a time then undoubtably we really respect his Hip Hop movemnt………………….@UGHHBLOG

EP Download Link:

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